Real Talk: Have You Ever Lost Weight By Dieting?

lose weight by dieting

Honestly, we’re kind of skeptical about whether or not people actually lose weight by any kind of dieting – and by “lose weight” we mean “lose weight and not gain it back immediately.” We polled our friends to see how well this whole dieting thing worked out for them.

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    • Ellen W.

      Felonia is so right- I remember a day standing in my college cafeteria almost crying because all I wanted was a light soup and a nice salad. And boy did they not have that.

      I lost about 5 pounds on the “stop watching the Food Network so much because it makes us hungry all the time” diet and I lost a bunch more on the “Starbucks’ coffee cake three times a week is not moderation” diet.

      And go Cara! I hope you have lots of fun on your bike!

      • lollie

        omgosh Ellen W…you are right! Watching the Food Network made me hungry all the time, too! lol Then, Id think, “I bet I can make that dish, too.” So, I would and I was gaining wt like crazy :(. Sooooo…no more of that network unless Im looking for something quite specific and I only make it that one time, filing away the printed recipe. Enough! Best of luck to you.

    • Jinx

      I don’t need to lose weight. Except a while ago when I noticed my clothes were getting a bit tighter. I started running twice a week and ate a tad healthier, and lost 5 lbs. I haven’t weighed myself since but it looks like it stayed off

    • Nikki

      I have a diet that I do once every 6 months to a year that works pretty well for me. For about 5-7 days, I will eat only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and olive oil (for cooking). I’ll eat as much as I want of those things. The first couple of days it’s a bit hard to feel full (potatoes help!) but by the end I generally find myself not wanting to go back to my old eating habits. The last time I did the diet I lost 10 lbs, which I kept off for a long time. I gained back about 5 within the last couple of months, but I blame a drastic/stressful lifestyle change for most of it (and also the fact that I have basically unlimited access to free delicious cheese at work). The hardest part about this diet is that it’s difficult to find a 5-7 day period in which I have no food-related social engagements planned or the desire to consume alcohol (I usually end up having a couple of glasses of wine here and there).

      • Nikki

        I should clarify- I didn’t lose all 10 lbs in a week, some of it came from the residual extra-healthy eating habits that lingered for a while afterwards!

    • Lauren

      I do exactly what Gigi does. I lose weight, look fantastic, and then eat all the cupcakes, bread, cheese and butter I can without exploding, and then I start all over. Not that I have ever been overweight, but I have also never considered myself thin. I gain fat in my stomach and the second I gain an extra 5lbs, I’m all of a sudden confused with a woman in her second trimester and that is painful for my ego.

    • Goldie

      Yes! I lost about 15 lbs. in 10 weeks a couple of years ago and kept it off for over a year.

      My family has a fitness competition every year and that year the challenge was to lose 10% of your body weight. We put money on it– I won about $600.

      I don’t know if I’d call what I did a diet– at least, not in the sense that certain things are off limits. I did it by counting calories. There are 3500 calories in a pound, so I needed to eliminate 5300/week. I figured out what my daily limit should be to meet my goal (there are tons of these calculators online but I used and started cutting out the emptiest calories first.

      I drink a lot, so that was an easy one. I didn’t eat breakfast before, so I started doing that to speed up my metabolism and I started devoting the first hour after work to exercise (walking at first, then I built up to running).

      I actually ended up getting pretty good at running for a little while, until the icy weather hit. I’ve more or less returned to my old habits– I blame my boyfriend. It’s not easy living with someone who has trouble GAINING weight– but I only just recently gained the last of it back after two years.

      Now I’m trying to figure out how to motivate myself to do it again.

    • KeLynn

      I’m losing weight, not with any specific type of diet but just with calorie counting. I weigh my food and write down everything I eat. I don’t think a diet would really work if I didn’t let myself eat certain things! I mean, the way I do it, I can eat bread or cake or ice cream or any other thing I want. It’s just a matter of *how much.* And on those days I do cheat or decide not to give a crap and eat 10 brownies, I still write them down. Facing actual numbers about the days I slipped makes me get myself back on track much faster because I can’t pretend it didn’t happen.

      I also have a fitbit, which really helps me see how many calories I’m “allowed” to eat every day.

    • Naomi

      Yup. 60 lbs, in fact, and I’ve kept it off for almost 3 years. I did it by eating 5-6 small meals a day, cutting down on fat intake, salt intake, cutting out dairy, sugar, and refined carbohydrates.

    • Grace

      I have. I lost 25 lbs in 5 months, and I’ve been able to keep it off! :)
      I stopped snacking, and only ate when I was actually hungry not when I was bored. I also stopped eating foods that I only ate due to cravings (certain meats, sweets).
      I also started a light workout routine, it doesn’t really burn a lot of calories, but it keeps me active.

    • lollie

      Im a middle aged woman who has dieted up and down the scale off-and-on since I was 6. Weight Watchers worked for 31 pounds but when I got lazy it stopped working, of course. But I felt very healthy and I learned alot about portion sizes (this was 25 yrs ago before the pts system so I cant comment on that). What worked best for me long term is the French Atkins Diet, sometimes called the Dukan Diet. It’s high protein, low to no fat/carbs. I lost about 60 lbs on that and felt satiated and energetic and SUCCESSFUL the whole time. With the Dukan I had to keep moving for total success. I’d walk at the quickest pace I could. This was just recently. I had a good report from my dr doing this; my overall cholesteral dropped 50 points to 148…wow! :) Better health is the payoff and mentally I feel like Im in better control of food because what I could eat was limited so I stuck with it. Hope this helps someone.

    • S.

      The only thing that works for me (that is, that I can stick with) is cutting out sugar and simple carbs.

      Tried everything else. But I just can’t be hungry, or I’ll eat the house.