The 10 Most Dangerous, Bizarre & Disgusting Crash Diets Of All Time

Alessandra Ambrosio eating cake at a Victoria's Secret perfume launch in 2009

Alessandra Ambrosio photographed alongside some cake back in 2009

It’s never a good idea to crash diet. …But they’re still popular, especially right around the holidays, when people are looking to ditch a few vanity pounds as quickly as possible. We’re holding Crash Diet Week in honor of all the stupid, misguided things we’ve done to lose weight, but here’s 10 of the very stupidest: like inviting a tapeworm inside you, chomping cotton balls dipped in orange juice or getting your ears stapled.

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    • Megan

      …I just ate a cupcake.

    • Nancy

      I’ve read how some of you on this site watched movies about anorexia in junior high that ended up mostly just giving girls with messed up body images tips on losing weight. I didn’t. Instead, the girls in our class got treated to a video about an actual girl who bought diet-pills on the internet and lost a ton of weight, only to find out that the pills had contained tape worm eggs!! It was absolutely horrifying.

    • Soxfans

      The HCG diet is a big deal in South Orange County these days. I know several women who have lost significant weight. I can’t imagine only 500 calories a day. I think I would fall asleep at the wheel.

    • Cate

      As a stupid and also borderline anorexic teenager I totally did the cotton ball thing. I dipped them in hot cocoa. That was my diet, cotton balls and two mugs of hot cocoa per day. All that really happened was that I was constantly bloated and felt like crap all the time.

      Luckily I grew up and realized that I could be much thinner and (gasp!) healthier by not eating garbage and drinking cheap beer in the park all the time.

    • Sharon

      My mother(Who would be 92) was a bulimic. She was binging and purging as long as I can remember. I am 63.

      From all those years of being thin, and “glamorous”. She died at age 85. She ruptured her stomach into her chest at least twice, had a stroke at age 37, suffered from osteoporosis and severe scoliosis, chronic ulcers, severely anemic and was in constant pain.
      She may have lived 85 years, but, if she hadn’t done to herself, what she did, her life would have been a lot more pleasant.