Gallery: How To Ignore The Other Woman, By Brandi Glanville

Ladies, if ever you find yourself in the same vicinity as your sworn enemy, take a lesson from Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville on how to handle yourself.

Over the weekend, Glanville found herself seated right next to LeAnn Rimes. Rimes had an affair with Glanville’s ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian, while he was still married to Glanville. Once they split up, Rimes and Cibrian got married. Scandal!

Anyway, Rimes had the astonishing audacity to show up on Saturday to Glanville and Cibrian’s son’s soccer game. All three parties were in attendance, and in the photo gallery below, Glanville gives a lesson in how to patently ignore that bitch who stole your husband. I salute her.

[photos via dlisted and The Daily Mail]

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    • Eileen

      Wow, this is an astonishingly awful and mean-spirited article for a couple of reasons.

      1) Husbands are not sweaters or cars; you cannot “steal” one. LeAnn Rimes didn’t kidnap Eddie Cibrian and keep him as her sexual slave – he began a relationship with her of his own free will. The consistent use of phrases like “homewrecker” and “husband stealer” just perpetuate obnoxious anti-woman behavior from women (not to mention insulting men by implying that they’re objects that can be “stolen.”) You know who gets to be pissed at LeAnn Rimes for cheating? Her ex-husband. Brandi Glanville gets to be pissed at her own ex-husband, as he’s the one who made and broke a commitment to her.

      2) It’s the kid’s soccer game. It’s about the kid. Whether the mom likes LeAnn or not, she’s the kid’s stepmother and part of his life. We had a friend of the family whose parents were divorced and whose father had remarried (everyone preferred wife #2, btw – mom wasn’t a terribly nice person), and I’m sure it was hard and weird for them, especially at first, but in parenting situations, make things as easy as you can for the kid.

      • Cara

        Calm down, lady. It’s a joke.

      • Abigail

        We all get that it’s a joke, but to a major extent, Eileen is right. People continue to blame the woman, put no blame on the man, and then insist that we hate and ostracize each other, when in fact, for the sake of the child, we need to learn to act like grown ups and get along regardless, even if it’s all for show.

      • Sam

        We still blame the man too, he’s just not in the pictures with awesomely hilarious captions :)

      • heather

        Why does the choice have to be to blame either one or the other? I’ve gotta be honest here, most of my anger would be aimed at my ex, who was the one who committed to me but there would be enough around for the woman who had so little respect for another relationship that she had no problem walking in before it was over. Neither person would have my respect, and I’m pretty pro open relationships/making it work/forgiving indiscretions.

        Also – it actually looks to me like they were both doing pretty well in a situation so awkward it’s actually funny to watch. What more can they do right now? Giggle together? Hang out like they’re old friends? Kids can sniff out that kind of dishonesty in a second – the best option was to be there peacefully and just watch a kid play soccer.

    • matbo

      I’m with Eileen. Seriously: Women do not steal husbands, husbands are not a prize and women are not evil manstealers that we must protect are sweet, innocent, and apparently incredible stupid husbands from.

    • Patricia

      I totally agree with Eileen; the man is not a sweater. And although yes, I do despize women who deliberately go after married men, I despize said men even more. If you’re looking for someone to demonize, demonize the husband, who out of the two is the douchier party.

      That being said, 2 things; 1) they look so much alike maybe the guy didn’t really cheat on his ex-wife, but she got confused on the ride home? 2) This made me laugh. Hard. So so so so so so awkward.

      • Andrea

        Haha, Patricia, I didn’t know which one was which either! I guess Eddie has a thing for blondes. What a douche (Eddie, not either of the ladies).

    • Eileen

      I don’t care if it’s a “joke”; it’s still offensive.

    • Sally

      They look like they could be identical twins…makes me wonder what the attraction was?

    • Karen

      Perhaps with their sunglasses on they look a lot alike. But really, Brandi is SUCH the better looking lady. AND, I think it’s okay to ostracize BOTH of the damn cheaters. :) Go Brandi… way to try to mainstain some class in a tough sitch.

      • Karen


    • sara

      Id agree with eileen if leann didn’t shamelessly bait and allow her employees like her tour manager, stylist, and record producer to cyberbully Brandi on Twitter. I followed leann for a few months online and the main people she interacts with on there are people who say horrible things to Brand. Leann is a terrible person and I’m sorry I paid to see her in concert last year

    • Geka

      Leann is being very hurtful and very inconsiderate toward the situation.
      Only an extremely self centered person like Leann can be so mean.
      Brandi kids belongs to Brandi, respect that and be kind.

      Brandi, stay strong and I am sorry for that bitch’s existence, at least you know she is damn ugly; inside and out.

    • RealLoveHere

      Regardless if whether a man made the committed, it doesn’t mean a woman can be a h&o and sleep with someone’s husband (especially with kids) just because he doesn’t want to be committed anymore. A married man is not a single man. You cannot treat him like a single man just because he is acting like one. Devine has personal responsibilities and for those who say: I’d be more mad at my ex” are saying that if a man married or not wants to hit it or get involved with a woman than she should do it and aquiesque to his advances. That as women we should not be empowered and say no because as a woman we wouldn’t want that done to us. We all know how tough marriage can bes. Especially with kids and in some cases financial problems among other things… A lot of married men nod women would jump at the opportunity to escape… But that’s easy. For someone to get someone married. It’s like offering a starving man a Greece cheeseburger 3 days old. He would more than likely take it.