6 Female Dieter Cliches (We Don’t Want To Embody)

female dieter cliches

Since we’re trying to be on a diet this week, we’ve been thinking a lot about cliches we really don’t want to fall into. Basically, we just don’t want to resemble anything regarding weight loss from a Cathy Comic. Also, some other stuff. Stuff like this.

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    • Nancy

      I’m fairly thin, and I hate it when people try to make me feel guilty about it. They succeed, too. And they do it if I dress up, too. Here are examples of what I mean: Once, I went out for dinner with a friend and I ordered the Greek salad, dinner size because Greek salad is fucking awesome and I was craving it. The waiter condescendingly says something like, “On a diet, are we?” Pretty rude for a waiter. And whenever I dress up a little (I’m normally very casual), even dressing in a sweaterdress and doing my hair differently, friends or anyone else I know will say “Why are you so dressed up?” Every time. I hate when people do those things, they’ve been doing it forever and in the past couple years I’ve realized that I don’t try to get more fit or do myself up as much as I’d like because I don’t want to be judged to be trying too hard. Messed up, I know; I’m working on getting over that, now!
      Never feel guilty for being the best you can be!