Poll: Do You Have A ‘Work Spouse’?

In some circles — circles like people who go to offices to work, people to whom I do not relate — there is such a thing as a work spouse. It’s the person you’re closest to from 9-5, maybe the person in the cube next to you with whom you share your most brilliant musings via gchat, or the one you go to lunch with each and every day, or the one with whom you share a mutual boss-hatred.

This person can play a big role in your life, and I’m wondering how many of you out there have one. And if you do, how does your real-life partner feel about it?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • M

      This has come up recently in my life! I’m in school 20-30 hours a week and I have two jobs. At my primary job I have no work wife [shush, I like the ring of 'work wife' better even though I'm a girl] but my boss at my second job would definitely count. He and I only work together a few hours a month so it’s not as bad as it could be, but things are also biased because we used to date and have been friends for years [which is how I got the job. We definitely have the work spouse-style inappropriate conversations about things that are supposed to be off-limits-private in a workplace environment: our sex lives, the girls he's dating, his custody battle with his ex, etc. And, like many married couples, we used to have sex.

      One of my best friends at school is my school boyfriend. This is basically the same thing as a work wife, except at school [durr]. I also have a school dirty mistress. He complains that ‘school dirty mistress’ doesn’t sound very manly and I offered him ‘school dirty mastress’ but apparently it did not adequately placate him. So I decided to stick with school dirty mistress as his label because if he’s not going to be happy anyway I might as well go with my first instinct. School boyfriend was in my life first, which is why he gets the primary position, though admittedly I have been spending more time with school dirty mistress lately. We also all have tremendously inappropriate conversations. They’re great guys. They also both have girlfriends: one of them knows I exist and the other does not because she is apparently the jealous type.

      • M

        My boyfriend knows about all three of these men, and also that I used to sleep with the work wife, and also also that I was watching movies with the school dirty mistress at his place on Saturday and he got tremendously drunk and spent a half hour petting my face and telling me I’m soft. Fortunately, life boyfriend knows he always wins and is not threatened. Because he is awesome. And that is why he gets to be the life boyfriend instead of any of these other men, wonderful and attractive as they may be.

    • Raerae

      My work husband and I are now dating. OOPS! Does that still count? If not, I guess I don’t have one anymore.

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