Fashion Disasters: Lindsay Lohan Dons Truly Terrible Bikini In Hawaii

Former actress/currently popular search term Lindsay Lohan frolicked around the beach in Hawaii this week, while wearing an appallingly ugly bikini. We typically lay off celebrities when they’re in civilian clothes and not attending some red carpet event… unless, of course, they’re unrepentant attention whores like LiLo here, who appears to be instructing the camera man (men?) on her best angles. Here’s Lohan bounding around, looking coyly over her shoulder, turning her shoulders in flattering ways. Each slide is accompanied by an insightful quote from Lohan herself about how she wants to be left alone and known for her work.

(Photos by SPLASH news, via The Daily Mail)

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    • Megs

      I don’t know, I’ve seen much uglier bikinis. This would be tacky on a 40 year old, but she’s like 25- it’s age appropriate. I’m happy that she isn’t so skinny like she used to be but she needs to stay out of the sun (and lay off the drugs/booze) because her skin looks pretty bad.

    • macalny

      Word, Megs. Also, the super white-blond hair does not do her coloring any favors. The bikini is meh but not awful. The quotes are 10x worse, actually.

    • eelizg23

      This looks like it’s part of the Lisa Frank collection. All she needs are some purple seals and blue dolphins swimming along beside her.

      • Charisse

        Lisa Frank for Fredricks of Hollywood.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Yes to both of you.

    • Niki

      Forget the bikini – the real tragedy is the fact that as a natural redhead with a gorgeous, pale freckled complexion, she has felt a need to deep fry her skin into oblivion and bleach her hair into cotton candy status.

    • Pari

      I’m glad she gained some weight back, look more alive

    • Erin

      Did she get implants again? She’s looking really busty in these photos.

    • K

      She looks like she’s sincerely having fun in slide four. Good for her.

    • Angelwynxx

      Seems she really gained weight on this photo shoot! I saw her pic in a Men’s mag and I am really turned off with her skin for having so many freckles on it.

      Angelwynxx –>>

    • Varkentine

      Actually I don’t mind the bikini–if the Playboy photos have taught me anything, is that with Lindsay, what you don’t see is sexier.

    • tara

      She looks good. She looks like she’s having fun and is relaxed. Wish she’d be her redhead self again, though.

    • Somnilee

      I think she generally looks a lot healthier and happier than she has in a long while. I generally don’t go along with the whole celebrity gossip thing, but you might want to take a look at yourselves when you bash someone for their low points (drugs, jail, I believe you called her a “whore”) and then continue to bash them when they actually seem to be making some progress with their lives!

      • alexandra

        Actually, they called her an “attention whore,” which is a lot different in intent, though perhaps the phrase itself is questionable. But I think Ashley’s right– she clearly knows she’s being photographed and even when she’s having f un she’s making sure to direct it the right way.

        That said, I agree with the below comments about her weight– she actually looks good again! Maybe the red hair will come back with time. Isn’t this the point in her career where she converts to Scientology or something? Did that happen already?

    • Doug Love

      I love the swimsuit, anyone know who makes it?!

      • Olivia

        Read the title of the goddamn article.

    • Patricia

      Lindsay, please, ENOUGH with the platinum hair.

    • Lucy

      Not so terribel. I find that she is always so confident. I support her!

    • Judy.C

      I agree with Lucy. Every women should be confident and enjoy every beautiful moment. Come on, Lindsay!