Gallery: Black Cat Auditions From 1961

Reading everyone’s crash diet horror stories had me feeling kind of bummed. Then I looked at these photos of black cat auditions from 1961, and I felt better. Like, not all the way better…that burning hatred of a society that teaches women to hate their bodies is still in there somewhere, smoldering along at a simmer, just waiting for something else to ignite it…but for now, it’s subsided just a bit from all the “aw”-ing. Will these pictures do the same for you? Take a look and see.

(Via Retronaut)

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    • Casey

      Dahhh! I love black cats. And vintage photography. This photo series is just what the doctor ordered for my study break.

    • Fabel

      These are adorable, ahh. (But you are right about the cat holding lessons!)

    • porkchop


      All these cats are identical!

      • MelbaToast

        To be fair, the cats were probably looking at all the people on the other end of the leashes and thinking, “What’s the point? They all look exactly alike.”