Miley Cyrus Denies Getting Breast Implants

19-year-old Miley Cyrus showed up on the red carpet recently in your standard plunging, form-fitting, breast-parting gown (by Roberto Cavalli, of course). This has caused some people to speculate that she got breast implants, namely the tasteful decency-lovers at Star, who assembled a panel of fame-seeking plastic surgeons to say things like:

“[Cyrus] does indeed appear to have had a breast augmentation,” noting her breasts are fuller and show more cleavage than before. The outline of the implants are clearly visible in the inner lower portions of her breasts. Even a large weight gain would not produce breast enhancement to this degree without implants!”

Today, Cyrus took to Twitter to deny the rumor: ”Thank you for the compliment but these babies are all mine. I wish they’d realize you don’t have to be fake to be beautiful!” and in a later tweet, “And I’m 19!!! BOOBS GROW PEOPLE!”

While Cyrus is correct in her assertion that BOOBS GROW PEOPLE!, we’re mostly just put off by the idea of a bunch of people sitting around speculating about a teenager’s breasts.

(via Radar)

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    • Lisa

      Boobs do grow. And they continue to grow once one is way past Miley’s age. She should NOT be concerned about getting implants at all, in my opinion.

    • Clio

      Have these surgeons never heard of a push-up bra, or similar technologies? (Of course they have, but tabloids don’t pay you to say, “I deduce Victoria Secret!”)

      In any event, until boobs reach the weirdly-round-lookingness of fakes, they’re not worth speculating over. Especially when they’re attached to someone not old enough to legally drink.

    • I Hate Miley Cyrus !

      Your new breast are implants why cause you always been flat so shut the fuck up you slut and ( p.s. ) I know its doesnt have nothing to do with me but seriously stop with the lies slutty bitch

      • Coco

        Woooah there buddy, let’s take the crazy down a notch. It’s pretty unlikely Miley Cyrus is reading the posts here, no real need to address her directely… but regardless, that is a lot of hate towards not only someone you don’t know but another human being in general. I’m willing to bet if you can spend your energy on something less toxic you’ll feel much better.

      • Df

        So true yes

      • Linda Cruz

        Well it’s true but the cursing isn’t needed.

      • I Hate Miley Cyrus !

        Thanks for the advice, but really I don’t need it.

    • Brittnee Ronan

      The importance of commas: boobs do not grow people.

      • Eh

        They do sometimes feed babies, so technically…

    • kaylexx

      First off, her boobs were never that small to begin with. They look the same size as they always have been. It’s called having good support. Not to mention my boobs went from a B cup to a D cup from the time I was 18-20…so yes, boobs can ‘grow’.

    • kc

      Haa RIGHT111 they do grow…um…just not like that

    • ham

      “we’re mostly just put off by the idea of a bunch of people sitting around speculating about a teenager’s breasts.” ….. SPECULATING ? AYE REATARD THERE AINT NOTHING TO SPECULATE WHEN SHE SHOWING FOR EVERYONE TO SEE, IDIOT

    • Linda Cruz

      It’s all over the internet and Miley Cyrus says her breast grew. Well it’s obvious that she got breast implants because Breast really don’t grow at the age of 19 going to 20. It will be understandable if she was pregnant, but she isn’t so Miley just confess everyone that their implants.

    • Sabrina

      I’m almost 21 and suddenly none of my bras/shirts fit. My pants do, my dresses do, just my top half has suddenly gone from a large C cup to a larger D cup. Moral of story, boobs do grow, people.

    • Suthap Klomrod

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