There’s A Rad Natural Hair Barbie This Christmas

Barbie has been called many things in her day, but unfortunately, “inclusive” is not one of them. No matter whether Barbie is becoming an astronaut or a teacher or living in Malibu, she always looks pretty much the same: huge boobs, tiny waist, and long, straight hair.

One group in Georgia is setting out to change that. A small circle of African-American women who meet regularly at the town’s library have decided to give Barbie dolls a makeover, and hand them out to girls in the neighborhood. The new dolls will have hair that is curly and au naturel.

Group member Jennifer Henderson told the Ledger-Enquirer that the reason they decided to make the dolls is that, “We wanted to show the girls that basically, it’s okay the way God made you.”

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    • Megan

      I’ve always been envious of African girls who can rock the natural hair look! I’ve never seen anyone with natural hair look anything less than awesome, and my lank white-girl locks just don’t cut it.

    • NomiesAfro

      We must try to love the hair we have. If white ladies and black ladies and Asian ladies and ALL ladies listened less to companies who tell us that our straight and curly and red and brown and blonde and black hair is wrong and needs fixing, then we’d all be happier.

      So Megan rock your white girl locks, and let us celebrate diversity instead of envying it.

    • Nikita

      I wholeheartedly agree with NomiesAfro. Also, I hate the term “natural hair.” What the fuck does that even mean? My hair is not considered “natural” because it’s NATURALLY straight? I call bullshit.

      • mimi

        Hey, you really didn´t get it, did you? Natural hair for Black women is mainly kinky/coily/curly/wavy. But many Black people straighten it (and their children´s hair too), to death with chemicals or staiightening gadgets to smooth out the kinks.