Gallery: Funny Women Who Have Posed In Their Underwear

Earlier today on our sister site Crushable, I wondered aloud what, exactly, is so bad about a female comedian (most recently Abby Elliot) deciding to show another side of herself by posing in lingerie for a magazine. Lots of female comedians have done this, yet somehow managed not to transform into one-sided femme-bots who exist solely for men’s sexual pleasure. Even Tina Fey‘s done it!

Obviously, I don’t think women should feel like they have to do this in order to advance their careers. But if they feel like being vain and taking some sexy photos, I’m not going to revoke their feminist cards for it, any more than I’d revoke them for wearing lipstick, shaving their legs, or marrying a man. Not to get too gender studies on you, but I like to view gender normative behavior as a consensual kink: if you want to do it, go ahead, it’s not going to Ruin Progress. But know that you’re doing it and how far you are comfortable going. And if anyone tries to tell you they know better than you what’s best for you, tell them to go hang. But enough about what I think, let’s perv on some hot, smart comedians.

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    • Cate

      Thank you for bringing up Tina Fey’s constant trash-talking of strippers and sex workers. It seems to me as if very few civilians ever mention it, let alone find it problematic.

      • Jamie Peck

        I find it SO problematic. I know Tina Fey is not obligated to be the perfect feminist, but it still bothers me in a big way that she does that.

      • C

        Just wondering, what exactly does Tina Fey say about sex workers?

      • Jamie Peck

        SO MANY THINGS. It really warrants a post of its own, but it’s not very timely/newsy at this point. Here is one.

        Tina Fey on strip clubs, and why she won’t go to them:

        “I love to play strippers and to imitate them. I love using that idea for comedy, but the idea of actually going there? I feel like we all need to be better than that. That industry needs to die, by all of us being a little bit better than that.”

        Quite a few Tina Fey loving strippers cried a tear or two over that one.

      • Eileen

        And in the photographs that accompanied the article, she was posed scantily clad and provocatively (in the one that comes to mind, she’s lying on her front, shirt unbuttoned, legs crossed in the air, sucking on either glasses or a pen, I forget).

        I think Tina Fey is hilarious, but she’s really annoying on almost all sex-related issues. (except when she talks about how she couldn’t give her virginity away. that’s kind of amusing.)

    • D.

      Not hating on the ladies, but there are a lot of funny, talented comediennes that don’t look good in their undies…yet the most famous ones are the ones that do.

    • Patricia

      I don’t see anything wrong with these women posing in “sexy” pictures. What the hell. Let them be. However, what ticks me off, is as one of the writers said, that in order to be allowed to tell jokes, these women have to look that way.

      • Jamie Peck

        I agree! That’s what my Crushable piece was about.

    • N

      This is the general problem with just about all feminists, no matter what kind. The batshit insane obsession with slapping a feminist label on anything a person likes and doesn’t like. Or driving shit into a dichotomy of “you’re either a feminist, or a sexist”, no matter if the person may simply dislike identifying with feminists precisely because of that behavior.

      Fuck feminism hard in the ass. It’s for Western/white, middle-class, cisgender people.