Ali Lohan Now The Target Of Anorexia Rumors

It’s been an exciting/stupid year for Ali Lohan (little sister to Lindsay, child of Dina), who announced her plans to become a model, promptly lost a lot of weight and then came under fire for maybe drastically altering her face with cosmetic surgery. Now she’s coming under fire for that weight loss, which appears to have gone a little more extreme. Namely:

We tend to give famous women the benefit of the doubt when it comes to things like this–people speculate about their weight all day long without any insight into their health–but we’re talking about the Lohans. And Ali looks thin.

Best case scenario, Ali’s weight and diet are being monitered. Worst case scenario… by Dina.

(Photos via TDM)

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    • abcd

      on the plus side, her face seems to have… settled (something that tends to happen following *not* having plastic surgery)

    • Delmar

      Her face hasn’t settled because she never got plastic surgery. The plastic surgery crap was started by a bunch of bad pictures following her weight loss and the idea of it went viral. What we have here is an uncontroversial girl who happens to be Lindsay Lohan’s sister. Since she isn’t seen intoxicated anywhere or doing anything inappropriate, the tabloids have to find something wrong with her and the normal weight loss any girl that signs a modeling contract has is exaggerated and this utter garbage about her getting plastic surgery is circulated all around the media. It’s messed up girl by association. The real Ali Lohan has her act together, is creating a good work reputation and keeping her weight within the guidelines of her agency and totally ignores the garbage on blogs said about her.

    • Kimberly @ Polished in Pink

      she’s also the target of “she got a michael jackson face transplant” rumors… she’s totally unrecognizable!

    • Dee

      Delmar put away the crack pipe. No one loses this amount of weight unless they have a deadly disease or anorexia.

    • Katy

      there’s a line between “thin” and looking like you’re in the terminal stages of heroin addiction.