Gallery: Agyness Deyn’s Giant, Cluttered Apartment

Have you ever wondered what the inside of Agyness Deyn‘s Williamsburg apartment looks like? I’ve always imagined it’s cool and androgynous, with just a touch of feminine cuteness and a fondness for guys in bands. But according to Stylecaster, it “resembles a blown-up vintage shop that was curated by our grandmothers,” which I guess is supposed to be a bad thing. Anyway, here are some interior pictures of it. See if you agree.

(Via Curbed)

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    • anna

      It looks like the houses I used to make on the Sims.

      • Kay

        gosh, me too, just wacky cluttered decorating

    • Elizabeth

      Dear god, that’s epic. I would marry that apartment, gorgeous $9k stove and all. I’d turn the whole thing into a dress and wrap the whole thing around me and wear it. (I also love Amy Sedaris’ apartment).

    • alexandra

      Yo, does she not get bored of living in Victorian IKEA?

    • Jen

      How the hell does she navigate that apartment whilst drunk?

    • Maggie

      It looks like the Mad Hatter and Marie Antoinette got together, ate a ton of mushrooms, and decorated an apartment. Let them have hideous furnishings!

    • KeLynn

      I actually really like this apartment. Some of it’s a bit much, but all in all I would not be sad living there.