Would You Like To See The World’s Ugliest Bag?

You would like to see the world’s ugliest bag? Are you ready to have your eyeballs scalded by all kinds of misapplied denim? This:

ugliest bag

Someone did not realize that potpourri means “decorative mix of dried flowers” and not “every scrap of fabric in my house just thrown onto this here bag.” Presumably, someone is now walking around in that house with their buttocks just out in the breeze. On the upside, we like that the announcer’s face is trying so hard to move its grimace into something approximately resembling a smile. Keep trying, announcer lady. Keep trying. Don’t let the woman who made this bag near your pants.

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    • Ka Thao

      That is the ugliest handbag I have ever lay my eyes on. OMG, give me my pant back. Good post.

    • Kimberly @ Polished in Pink

      the only thing that could make this more horrifying would be if it were from a major fashion house like Chanel.