Gallery: 10 Celebrities Who’ve Done Crazy Crash Diets

Most celebrities credit their distractingly lean physiques to “yoga, pilates, chicken and fish.” Most celebrities are liars. It’s not really their fault, though, being so thin due to a cocktail of tremendous pressure, an intensely competitive industry and public scrutiny. Every now and again, though, actors admit to the extreme measures they take–whether for a role or not–and we never stop being… surprised? Here’s what famous people like Charlize Theron, Christian Bale, Megan Fox and Matt Damon have all done to drop weight fast. Also, we’re really glad Crash Diet Week ends today.

(Update: we removed Alanis Morisette from the list, as she’s admitted to having multiple eating disorders. She’s been replaced by 50 Cent)

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    • Jenn

      Um, hasn’t Alanis Morrissette openly admitted to being anorexic? I think that’s a little different from a “crash diet.”

    • Jill

      I’m definitely not one to say that anorexia is just extreme dieting (it’s a mental illness and it *infuriates* me when people dismiss it as anything else)… but I think crash dieting definitely counts as disordered eating.

    • Lizzie

      Victoria Beckham, in other words: “I starved myself, went insane with hunger, checked my weight every 5 minutes, and only ate a piece of lettuce every day- but no, I definitely wasn’t anorexic! I was only close to being so.”