Tyler Shields Returns With Pepper Spray Themed Photo Shoot

Controversy-courting photog Tyler Shieldslovingly nicknamed ”the poor man’s Terry Richardson“–has done it again: he’s managed to top the nakedly inflammatory “flirty domestic violence” shoot he did with Glee‘s Heather Morris. This time, Shields turns his seemingly irony-free sensibilities to the horrifying incident at UC Davis in which a cop casually unloaded pepper spray into the eyes of unmoving protestors. Shields has reinterpreted the now-iconic image in a… sexy photo shoot! Over at his website, he offers this chestnut of insight into the impressively witless set, “It’s easy to be the bully but it’s not so fun when you’re the one being bullied. Stand up and fight for what you believe in a dream can only die if you let it…” Hear that, guys? This is totally his Guernica.

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    • given

      Tyler Shields is the best! No one is doing or has done what he has done… I love him and at the same time I am so jealous of his life. His work needs to be seen by more!

      • superjack

        lol. have you guys never seen photos before?

    • WAIT

      You can’t compare Tyler Shields to anyone this man is in a league of his own!

    • Jill

      Tyler Shields might be the biggest hack with a nice camera alive. (I am counting all of Flickr)

    • I have

      I have seen all the photos there are to see in the world and Tyler Shields is the best i have ever seen of all time. You can disagree with me if you want but that’s my opinion!

    • faker

      thats tyler shields behind all those comments