Madonna Proves That Stylists Actually Do Serve A Purpose

Yesterday’s clip from Anderson Cooper‘s daytime talk show, Anderson, is a whole boatload of awkward. First of all we have Madonna wearing some Park Avenue lady’s version of an S&M getup; and secondly, it’s the noisiest outfit that the Material Girl has probably ever worn. Ever.

While Madonna happily discussed her two Golden Globe nominations for Best Original Score and Best Original Song from her upcoming movie W.E., it’s more than obvious by the look on her face that she’s second guessing her choice in fabric. Anderson, always the gentleman, also seems a bit confused by the sounds that, quite frankly, sound a bit like a case of some severe flatulence. Yikes!

Whether she’s rocking leather or pleather or something similar isn’t exactly clear, but either way, it’s a hot mess. It also makes one wonder whether or not she consulted with her stylist on this, if she even has a stylist these days and if she does, has that stylist now been fired?

I very rarely get embarrassed for Madonna. In all her incarnations, I’ve loved her and her ability to always reinvent herself and make a mark on both music and fashion, but for the first time in my life, I actually screamed at the TV and asked “Why? Why are you doing this to yourself?”

Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean; then we can all feel weird about it together.


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    • Kj

      Lol! She sounds like a balloon.

    • Victor

      So what. At worst, a kabbalistic principle is at work here. Sometimes, a bit of embarrassing humiliation is good to keep the ego in check, and the spirit humble. Only the insecure are so afraid of being laughed at. Grow up.

    • AlexisGene

      did someone say hefty bag!

    • ernesto luv’s jonathan

      gaga fans,, !!

      she looks beautiful.

    • RheumatoidArthirits

      Madonna Looks LOVELY! idk what you guys are talking about! (snap snap neckroll)

    • Lena’s Blend

      Ah give her a break…when you’re as fashion forward and flamboyant as someone like Madonna style mishaps are bound to happen once in a while. She looks great but it definitely wasn’t a good idea with a mic on, on air. But I give her a pass because she’s usually on point.

    • ELLE

      I tweeted this yesterday…whoo hoo for me.

      Madonnas mouth is all about her film. Her eyes are “KILL MY STYLIST”
      16 Dec Favorite Reply Delete

    • Bee Weiner

      Obviously this is a case where her assistants were too scared of her possible reaction , to point out the obvious. The Empress is wearing no clothes.

      It’s a shame but incidents like this have made it difficult to take her seriously. She needs to understand that when she has a real message, she has to make sure her clothes don’t overwhelm that message. She should leave her more outrageous clothing for the stage or an appearance on SNL.

    • Jroc

      How is her outfit noisy? She looks great in it. It has a bow which is very festive being that we are in the holiday season. I think you just had to find something to write about. Go ahead make yourself look like lame and boring journalist. I seriously doubt you can can look as good as she can on a bad day! Your an idiot!

      • annie

        Apparently, Jroc, you didn’t listen to the video with the sound on. So, next time you try to insult a “lame and boring journalist,” you may want to get your spelling and grammar correct. It’s YOU’RE an idiot, you idiot. Ha!

        Enjoy your dinner at Applebee’s, plebe.

    • Debbie T

      I love Madonna but she needs to act her age when it comes to her clothes! She just cant pull things like this off anymore!
      Nicola Chapman