• Mon, Dec 19 2011

Courtney Stodden’s Holiday Outfit Is Here

courtny stodden christmas bikini

(Update: Now there’s a deeply disturbing video)

17 year old child bride Courtney Stodden is frolicking in the snow in a red bikini, because that is a completely reasonable thing to do. Her 51 year old husband is dressed up in a Santa suit. This is not ruining Christmas or every vision of Santa we’ve ever had for us at all, because  we are disconnected from reality. Images from Celebuzz.

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  • MM

    Is this woman never cold? I don’t think I’ve seen a single picture of her wearing long sleeves.

  • Christie

    Why is this happening? These two just keep getting weirder and weirder.

    And what’s up with the arm band?!?!?! I don’t think she ever takes it off!

  • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

    That picture of her with her leg up might be the funniest thing I’ve seen all day.

    • kdub

      Yeah, one wrong move and we’ll all be giving her a group pelvic exam. Though for some reason I’m not sure she’d be all that bothered by it.

  • Tania

    On the plus side, her lipstick looks like normal person lipstick!

  • sarah

    These people are really taking a long and strange, twisty path to get into their porn careers. Surely there must be an easier way.

  • Andrea

    Thanks, Gloss, for making my Tuesday morning laughable!

  • trootteller

    all the airhead chickypoos bagging on this girl are the same airheads that watch ” real hoarwives……keeping up wif da hoarcrashians…….sluts in the city……. ” etc

    • Jennifer Wright

      Hoar is just such a good word, and one that really neds to come back into practical use.

    • Maggie

      The irony of calling someone else an airhead while misusing the word “hoar,” or misspelling “whore” as I’m assuming was your intended word, and completely neglecting all punctuation or grammar is just too much for me.

      Also, these two people may have single-handedly ruined Santa for me.

    • Marlena

      HAHAAAHH so true – thank you

      Actually I think these pictures are really cute and cheeky.

  • Sam

    Who decided to put this article in the ‘beauty’ section?

  • ?

    She’s ruined Christmas and Santa Claus for me.

  • Maggie

    Wow, what classy and cute Christmas photos! And on another totally non sarcastic notes, I TOTALLY believe that her boobs are au naturale. These pics mad me giggle. And fear for our country. But mostly, giggle.


  • Hanna Brooks Olsen

    Oh, what a relief. I was nervous she and I would be wearing the same outfit in our holiday card photos. Glad I opted for the wrist-length gloves and red shoes, instead.

  • Holly

    Ahahahaha. I can’t stop laughing at #5. I think this one really captures the mood of the photo shoot which was probably all awkward chaos and inappropriate goose-sound giggles. There’s just so much going on! Look at his belt! And her hand! Are his pants falling down? This is a seriously, smoldering sensual Santa session.

  • Dre Beats

    wow, so sex, but will she cold?