Shopping Guide: 12 Fantastic Last Minute Gifts For The Make-Up Obsessed

The holidays are all about friends, family and… spending money like water. No matter how hard you try, you’re always astonished/horrified by the amount of money you burn this time of year. Lucky, cosmetics offer an easy out–many of the most opulent designer lipsticks, for example, hover around $40. If you plan on gifting some loved ones, here’s a guide with lots of options (in lots of universally flattering shades) but really, you should just be gifting yourself something nice before the money runs out. Good luck!

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    • superjack

      big up to that nars pencil. i have it in like 5 different colors.

    • Jill

      I’m not a fan of D&G’s “Ginormous Tits, Ginormous-er Hair” aesthetic, but I love their lipsticks so, so much.

    • Flobee

      I will buy this Make Up For Ever set you speak of, but $50 for a primer is CRAZY to me.

    • Kara

      (the hourglass one) is worth it