The Editors Discuss: Was Kim Jong Il Really That Great?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about blogging, it’s that whenever a famous person dies, it’s critical to immediately publish a post about how that person sucked. This shows you are fresh, relevant and original. Unfortunately, editors Jennifer Wright and Ashley Cardiff only know so much about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il: namely, there are all sorts of insane facts about him, he was a dictator… and… the last part of his name is not pronounced “two.” Here, they fumble for relevance. Also, Christopher Hitchens!

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    • Lauren

      I think you guys are confusing Daffy Duck and Donald Duck. Donald always wore a little sailor jacket, hat, and no pants. Daffy was just always naked accept for his priest collar. So, I think you guys are supposed to get naked, pretend to be a priest, and eat steak.

      • Jennifer Wright


    • Pea

      I know that, typically, Kim Jong-Il is just sort of seen as a wacky, mad, bad person. And that’s why posts like this are so funny! Haha, crazy K J-I!!

      But I do think it’s also important to be a little more honest about the fact that he wasn’t just wacky and crazy and delusional…North Korea is a horrific place to live. Maybe read this article ( with stories from defectors from North Korea? Here’s an excerpt:

      ” [A North Korean woman] decided to cross into China, where she was sold and raped, and ended up living with a South Korean man. She was pregnant with his child when she was repatriated to North Korea…The officers waited until the woman’s pregnancy had reached its eighth month, then tied her arms and legs down on a table to perform an “abortion.” One of the men introduced himself as a doctor. Without giving the woman any anesthesia, he thrust his bare hands into the woman’s vagina and yanked the baby from her uterus….The woman pleaded for the doctor to spare her crying baby, but he only tossed it to the military dogs. Watching her baby get torn into pieces, the mother passed out, laying still while bleeding. The guards took her for dead and brought her to a pile of cadavers. Thankfully, she was still alive and managed to escape again crossing the Tumen River.”

      So…not really that funny. I know this is a fashion and fluffy blog, and I love it! I really do! But the things that happened under Kim Jong-Il are horrifying and disgusting and making light of him and the disturbing things that he allowed? encouraged? to take place is not appropriate. We all need to be serious sometimes, and I think human rights violators are maybe a good place to start.

      • crickets


      • Em

        I’m not trying to discount your comment, and I totally agree with what you’re saying, but I have to ask: is it even possible for someone to thrust their hands into a vagina?! Let alone “yank” a baby from a uterus… ouch.