Gallery: Do Baby Bangs Look Good On Anyone?

Earlier today on Refinery29, I read about how baby bangs are making a comeback, and felt conflicted. This tough-to-pull-off fashion statement has been around in various forms for quite some time, popping up most recently in fashion’s current favorite era, the early 90s. Things being as they are, they’re coming back around now, creeping beyond the heads of cool art school girls who work at custom sneaker shops in Mexico City and onto the heads of celebrities and the masses. They can look pretty great on the right person, but otherwise, they’re abjectly terrible. Take a look at some photos of them and you’ll see what I mean.

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    • Lindsey

      I think you’re forgetting ‘anyone with a pixie cut’. Alyssa Milano, Morena Baccarin, everyone’s favorite Emma Watson. And pixie cuts look good on anyone skinny.

    • Norah

      And Regina Spektor! The only person I truly think can pull it off.

    • Emma

      To me baby bangs aren’t about looking good. it’s about a state of mind. if you’re confident you can pull anything off, and this is not an exception.

    • Holly

      I think it really depends on the rest of the hair style. If you have baby bangs with long, straight-ish shoulder length hair, you look like a weird pyramid. The ones that I think look okay/good are the ones who had shorter, more textured hair styles.

    • kips

      I think the real question is, do baby bangs look good on EVERYONE? The answer is yes.

    • MM

      Maybe this is my former goth girl speaking but I love baby bangs with a passion. They don’t look so great on my huge forehead so I keep my bangs a bit longer, but I think they look good on lots of people, including most of the girls in the slideshow. How can you think Ms. Sossamon looks bad here? Her hair is adorable.

    • mac mcrae

      damn winona looks extremely hot in that picture. janeane too.

    • pixie

      I haven’t a clue who pixie geldof actually is, but her hair looks FANTASTIC! Not sure what the bias is against her, since the alien-looking chick got a “hell yes”….really?! Pixie and shannyn (and audrey is just a given) are pulling off the baby bangs best, in my opinion.

      • Alyssa

        exactly what I thought reading this article. Our opinions are a perfect match. :D

    • Seppo_Marx

      I have a face made for baby bangs. Anything that comes to or covers the eyebrows overwhelm my face because my eyes are small. I also have a high forehead and must cover it.

    • Randy Savage

      Baby bangs only look good on girls that look good. It’s almost one of those, ‘I’m so sexy and confident, I’ll even have my hair cut like this and you’ll still want to bang me because I am so hot’ things.

    • lmd

      I had Janeane Garafolo bangs in my teens -totally inspired by her. I loved them. I don’t even think they suited me, but i didn’t care. The short short bangs even made a few appearances in my 20′s, mostly due to pre-drinking and deciding to trim my bangs before I went out. Cutting your own hair is addictive – snip snip!

    • Tamara

      In my opinion, all of them look good or at least decent except for lady gaga… and you forgot to include Beyonce who wore them in the video clip for Telephone and Why Don’t You Love Me – they looked astonishingly beautiful on her… :)