Susprisingly, Rihanna Is Not Thrilled About Being Called The N-Word

Remember when Dutch fashion magazine Jackie called Rihanna “the ultimate n****bitch“? Yes. So does Rihanna. And she’s not that happy about it. Never one to mince words, the pop superstar tweeted a response to the magazine last night:

I hope u can read english, because your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights! I find you disrespectful, and rather desperate!! You ran out of legit, civilized information to print! There are 1000′s of Dutch girls who would love to be recognized for their contributions to your country, you could have given them an article. Instead, u paid to print one degrading an entire race! That’s your contribution to this world! To encourage segregation, to mislead the future leaders to act in the past! You put two words together, with the intent of abasement, that made no sense…”NIGGA BITCH”?!….Well with all respect, on behalf of my race, here are my two words for you…FUCK YOU!!!

[via Jezebel]

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    • Cee

      While I do agree with her sentiment completely, starting with “I hope u can read english” made me cringe a little inside.

    • H. Lewis Smith

      Rihanna’s liberal usage of the n-word and b-word has come back to haunt her. The danger in referring to yourself as such is that the rest of the world is listening and liable to take you at your word. If you are among those of us who understands that to get respect you must first respect yourself, the following link will be of immense interest to you:

    • erilda

      she is a beutiful singer and she has very beautiful songs………………………..♥♥♥♥♥

    • Sadaf

      I love her…woww