Photoshop Of Horrors: Bloomingdales Erases Model’s Hip

photoshop bloomingdales modelYou know what always makes me recoil? Whenever I see an advertisement where the model is just flaunting the fact that she has hips and internal organs and all the other gross stuff.

I fucking hate the gross stuff.

Fortunately, so does Bloomingdales. This Max & Cleo turtleneck sweater dress promises that it ‘boasts a waist-cinching belt for the most flattering fit’. The most flattering fit is apparently the fit that will make your behind no longer exist. Accordingly, we like how the dress completely eliminates your lower bits with some kind of magic powers. Or possibly they just used a shit-ton of photoshop on this already skinny model. Either way, that’s great, because pelvises and “being a human” suck, pretty much.

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    • Abigail

      You know, I’ve noticed pretty frequently on this website that the bloggers show great disgust for all of these horribly photoshopped photos… But do you have ANY proof that this was photoshopped? Because my sister and I were joking around with some of the other ones you’ve mocked, and because we are both thinner, athletic built girls with more boyish hip shapes, we can make our bodies do everything that these models are doing, without photoshop. We’re just turning different angles. Maybe you should think twice about mocking these girls who are just trying to make a living and these companies that are trying to turn a profit, and make sure that you have the facts right before you insult someone’s body shape, unknowingly.

      • N

        I have to agree. I’m not saying that there’s no photoshopping going on here, but “horrors” is a bit dramatic. I think she is just very thin and twirling in such a way that it hides her hips.

      • vomiting

        Thirding Abigail.

        What disturbs me most about this model is her facial expression. She looks so fucking unhappy, like a child forced into a pageant. Also, she clearly needs to use the restroom.