There Is Now An Incredibly Disturbing Video Of Courtney Stodden In Her Sexy Santa Outfit

Yesterday, we brought you some nightmarish images of child bride Courtney Stodden cavorting in her snow-bikini and lucite heels alongside deranged perv husband Doug Hutchinson. Today, we bring you video! Here are a few deeply unsettling minutes of the couple as they sway and slur in a desperate bid for attention, which we pay them because  they’ve stolen away our humanity and left us shells of individuals. Trust us, you really need to watch Hutchinson mug for the camera through a Santa beard when he asks Stodden if she’s been naughty. And then they discuss spanking. Merry Christmas and a happy holiday!

(Image by Egotastic via dListed)

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    • Maggie

      Oh fuck, now that is something you can’t un-see. Barf.

    • Jenny

      He called her “young lady” more than once.

      I need to take a shower because I just feel dirty now.

    • Jenna

      No. Just…no.

      Also, did anyone else connect to the article earlier this week on “Vocal Fry,” I feel like this would be an example.

      But mostly, no.

    • Emily

      I was about to call him “Humbert Humbert” but I don’t want to insult Vladimir Nabokov.

    • Kathleen N.

      Whoa. I felt so uncomfortable watching that and for some reason powered through it. Shudder…..but my weird CS obsession continues. It’s fucking weird.