Gallery: The 10 Most Narcissistic Things For Sale At Gaga’s Workshop

If you ask me, Lady Gaga‘s cult of personality has gotten a bit out of control. Are there really enough devoted “little monsters” out there to justify giving over a whole section of Barneys to “things that relate back in some way to Lady Gaga”? Apparently! Here are ten particularly narcissistic selections from Gaga’s Workshop.

(Via Barneys)

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    • Lauren

      I don’t think even Lady Gaga knows what she’s trying to do anymore. I’m so over her.

    • krystina

      Hating much????

    • Patricia


      I never got what the big deal about Lady Gaga is. To me, she’ll always be a hybrid of Marylin Manson and Madonna gone horribly, horribly wrong.

    • Cee

      I think she tries too hard. It must be so exhausting to try to top yourself every single day. Her music is okay..she can sing, she can play the piano. Regrettably it comes with a bundle of crazy I cannot stand.
      I liked the song You and I and I saw the video..ick. It had like millions of comments “this video reeally speaks to me, lyke totally.” WTF?!

    • MM

      The thing that kinda irritates me about Gaga is that her music is so…generic. I saw her crazy image before I heard her songs, and I was so disappointed that she was just doing normal pop music.

      Her big ‘cult of personality’ as you called it just seems really…artificial, too? I feel like for most people with a cult following, it built up over time and the kitschy souvenirs and stuff were created by the fans themselves.

    • Niss

      This is just so ridiculous, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. None of these items are narcissistic, at all. Gaga herself is so incredibly humble, graceful and kind you’d be embarassed to be in the same room with her. Even if you don’t know anything about this incredible woman’s personality you could at least pay some attention to her social activism and philantropy instead of randomly posting negative and uninformed “lists”. Where were you when she was hugging HIV infected kids in an Indian orphanage and playing, talking and singing with them in a no-cameras-minimal-security event last month, as well as donating a ton of money to keep the orphanage running for years to come? She devotes an incredible amount of time on helping other people while her schedule is already almost humanly impossible to carry out. I’d like to see any other public figure with a 24/7 work schedule match that (hint: there isn’t one).

      This is an incredibly strong woman and people still seem to find that intimidating, even other women. Such a shame.

      I bet probably completely escaped you that all of these Barneys items were designed and created to generate money for her charitable cause to empower troubled youth and LGBT groups.

      But noooo, just quickly judge whatever you don’t understand, it’ll make you seem knowledgeable and hip. ;)

      • Cee

        Look up the word narcissistic then look at some of the crap she is selling/ripping off. BUT there’s nothing new in that since most of her music sounds like Madonna’s and so does some of her style. But lets break it down for you. The egg spinning toy…you can get that for a dollar at any novelty store, the rocky candy is sold EVERYWHERE and probably overpriced in her store cuz it gives her, her phoney boloney inspiration. A candy or cookie with HER FACE!

        Yes, she gives a lot to charity and I am not denying she does fight for good causes, but what she doesn’t seem to realize is that people in the US are also going through jobless times and we cannot buy her 200 dollar torn glasses that I can use to buy something, oh I don’t know..worth the price.

        As a lesbian, I am glad she fights for my cause, I wish more wold, but, I wouldn’t be humbled by her being in a room with me at any rate, little monster.

        Lastly..better celebrity with a good cause..BONO..research him!

    • joe ponz

      with all her money, she should take a month or two off and get her jaw fixed..she could pick corn through a picket fence ith her bite. oh, yes–there are many charitable palces in the U S who would welcome her money