Paula Abdul’s Pepsi Purse: How Do You Feel?

Last night, Paula Abdul whored herself out to Pepsi carried a purse in the shape of a Pepsi can on the red carpet for an “X Factor” press event. I don’t think there’s really much to say about it. The bag is hideous, obviously, and it’s also clearly an incident of the worst kind of product placement — you know, the kind that doesn’t even pretend to be, like, part of the set, or somebody’s actual beverage, or really anything other than what it is.

But perhaps you disagree. So — how do you feel?

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    • Timea

      Well… I didn’t think it was hideous. I thought it was cute and something funny to spice up her outfit. But really it’s pointless for me to try and change the authors mindset because it’s obvious that they hate Paula in the first place, therefore writing a fashion article about her is a little biased and anyone reading it should expect them to bash this woman.

    • Jessica

      Thank you, Timea!! I could NOT agree with you more!(: I dont understand why the author even wrote this article if they hate Paula. But whatever, I thought the bag was adorable. I mean, she obviously wouldn’t wear that all the time, but she spiced up her outfit and looked so cute with the bag(: I liked it! Hehe, I actually kinda want a Pepsi bag now, o.O lol

    • Jazmine

      It’s not like Pepsi has ever been hush hush with their sponsorship of the X Factor. If Paula wants to wear a Pepsi purse, let her wear the damn purse. More power to her. People read into everything waaaaay too much.

    • Nancy

      …I think Pepsi must have a few interns hired to comment on these things! LOL I do agree with Jazmine a bit; it’s kind of OK considering how obvious Pepsi’s sponsorship has been throughout… although what do you mean “people read into everything waaaaaay too much” ? There is no ‘reading into’ here… it’s blatant.

      But Timea and Jessica…. I feel like you’re being sincere…and that scares me…The author pointed out a celebrity blatantly selling out and you assume the author is just saying this because she hates the celebrity? IT’S A PEPSI PURSE! That is fact, not a biased opinion.