7 Christmas Movie Leading Ladies I Would Love To Be

As someone who spends the majority of her life in a fantasy world surrounded by bunnies and sparkles, I thought it only appropriate to dig through my favorite Christmas movies and decide which female characters I’d love to be. It’s also Christmas Day, so we might as well milk this thing before moving on to New Year topics.

Although I would have liked to include the leg lamp from A Christmas Story among the characters I think I’d be great in portraying (I mean, the lamp is pretty much the star of the show), considering the fact that it doesn’t have any speaking lines, I figured I’d pass. I also knew that I’d never look that good in fishnets, so really, why totally stretch it? At least with the other characters I’ve chosen, there’s still a chance for me to be them someday in real life. Yes, that’s right, I still have the chance to be the girlfriend of a real live elf named Buddy, and this is, by no means, a delusion.

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    • Penelope

      Laura Linney from ‘Love Actually’? Who has her mega-crush half-naked in her apartment, then leaves him to go visit her brother, then gives him the cold shoulder? Sorry, but I’d much rather be Natalie – gorgeous, curvy brunette who gets the ever-adorable Hugh Grant in the end.

      • Amanda Chatel

        Why is everyone so against Laura Linney!?!? I LOVE her… and you know she gets the guy in the end, but they just don’t show it! As for Aurelia, she would have been my first choice, but Colin Firth looks like a bad kisser. And yes, Natalie is beyond gorgeous.

        Either way, Mary Bailey is the winner by far…

    • Megan

      Yeah–Laura Linney? Who can’t deal with turning off her cell phone? For a few hours? Who can’t indicate to the hospital staff that hey, her brother’s calling her (literally) every ten minutes?

      Count me in as Natalie, too. Or Aurelia.

      But the character that really makes the movie is 11-year-old Sam. He and Liam Neeson are golden. “Let’s go get the shit kicked out of us by love.”

    • Marina

      She doesn’t get the man in the end! She is too devoted to her brother so chooses her responsibility to her family. I too would much rather be Natalie who wins the Prime Minister’s heart!

    • Jennifer Wright

      I never understood why Laura Linney’s phone had to be on ALL THE TIME! I would like to be the homewrecker who runs off with Alan Rickman, but I don’t think I could really pull that off.

      Also, I feel a lot for Sarah Jessica Parker in The Family Stone. Because she is tightly wound but trying really hard.

    • Rebekah Mae

      There is no way that Laura Linney’s character got the guy in the end! They would have showed that and they didn’t it was crystal clear that the only man in her life (at that point anyways) was her brother. I know because I’ve watched that movie over 100 times, and am about to watch it again for Christmas.

      The whole point of her role was to show that sometimes you just don’t get the guy even if you’re in love with him.

      We’re not against Laura Linney, we’re against someone saying she gets the guy in the end. Which is clearly WRONG! (unless you can show me how)

      I’d have to agree with everyone here that Natalie got the best end of the stick. Plus she’s mad adorable.

      Or the sleazy employee of Alan Rickman, Mia. Even though I kind of wanted to slap her through the entire movie.

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