Poll: Does Anyone Actually Shave Their Legs In The Winter?

While contemplating the awfulness that is New Year’s Eve dresses, I had a sudden thought. Millions of women across the country are going to have to dust off that razor, hop in the tub and shave those hairy, nasty winter legs. Or they are going to be like me and wear super-thick tights out to the bars this year. I mean, that is what most people will do right? Tights or leggings under their dress? Because who on earth shaves in the winter?

Maybe I’m just behind the times. As a happily married woman, if I’m wearing pants to work that day, there’s very little incentive to shave my legs.

You’re welcome to feel sorry for my husband if it suits you, but I’m pretty sure he’s okay with the fact that he can roll over and have sex any time he wants to, as long as he doesn’t mind prickly calves.

Sure, every once in a while I bite the bullet and shave my legs for a special outfit. And then I save that outfit for the next day because it’s going to take two days of shaving and moisturizing to get these legs ready for public viewing. I’m not saying that I have anything against smooth legs from November until March. It just doesn’t seem practical to maintain that type of upkeep. The benefits really don’t seem to outweigh that extra 15 minutes I can sleep in if my shower is less than 12 minutes.

I’ve always assumed that we all do this type of cost analysis with our time in the morning. Sleep or a chance to eat breakfast definitely beats out smooth legs that no one will see. That’s the winter toss-up. Then New Years Eve rolls around and most of us shave to where a cute skirt. Then we revert back to our regularly scheduled hairiness until Spring Break. We might take a week long intermission for Valentine’s Day, depending on our personal feelings about Hallmark holidays.

Anyways, I know that The Gloss has had plenty of debate about body hair in general, but I’d really like to take a straight up and down vote here. It’s mostly to assuage my own conscience, but you don’t mind, right? Does anyone actually shave on a regular basis in the winter? Or are we all pretty cool with growing a little fur under those long pants until spring rolls around?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Fabel

      I still shave regularly, or my version of “regularly” anyway– anywhere from every 2 days to letting it go for maybe 4 or five. Even though less people see my legs in the winter, I feel all itchy when my leg hair has any length to it!

    • macalny

      My shaving habits don’t change from one month to the next. I don’t shave every day but never let it go more than 4-5 days, even in the dead of winter. I feel beyond nasty at the gym if there’s more than a few days growth going on. Besides, it takes all of an 5 extra minutes (I haven’t bothered with shaving cream since I was first learning to shave at age 12 or 13. I believe it to be a pointless marketing scam since water and a razor with lotion afterward do the exact same thing) so the only time shaving really adds time to the shower is when it coincides with the days I shampoo. Otherwise it’s no big.

    • LeeLee

      the skin on my legs breaks out if i go too long without shaving, so i do it every 3-4 days.

    • KeLynn

      I absolutely shave in the winter. Maybe I stretch it out a little longer, go 4 days between instead of 2-3, but I can’t imagine going for more than a week without it. I feel gross and unkempt.

      Also, maybe you’re doing something wrong if it takes you 15 minutes to shave?

      • Lindsey

        If you shave frequently or semi-frequently, like every couple of days like you (and forced-gym-class-teenaged me) shaving is a jiff, but if you go over say, two weeks shaving can take a lot longer. After two months of me not shaving it took about forty minutes to hack through my leg hair because I had to go over it so often.

        It’s funny, leg hair doesn’t bother me in the slightest but I am so diligent in the removal of my pubes.

    • Carolyn

      I have to say the additional wording after “yes” and “no” were annoying since there was no third “sometimes yes, sometimes no” category. I felt my “yes” answer was not honest because while occasionally I don’t shave my legs, I do not think “bodyhair is gross” and, having stated THAT, I don’t care to turn into a ChiaPet in the cold weather. So to be perfectly honest my answer should be: yes…and no.

    • Lynna

      While I strongly disagree with the statement that body hair is gross, I do shave in the winter just as I shave any other time of year. Basically it comes down to a) will this make me more comfortable in whatever I’m wearing when I go out? and b) odds are that I’m getting lucky?

      I like a smooth leg, this isn’t an affront to those who don’t.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Point taken! The “Body hair is gross” was a throw off statement that didn’t need to be in the poll.

    • zadidoll

      Shave? What’s that? I hate shaving so I use products like Veet instead. Easier to slather on some hair eating lotion and while it’s eating away the hair I’m giving myself a facial then after jump in the shower, wash off the facial mask and the Veet from my legs, wash up and when I get out of the shower I’m a clean Goddess. lol Shaving requires effort and I’m lazy.

      • KeLynn

        Can you recommend one you really like? (I know you said you use products “like Veet” but I didn’t know if that meant you use Veet, or another one, or if you’re just not picky enough to be brand-loyal)

        I ask because depilatories sound awesome in theory, but every time I’ve tried them they either a) didn’t even work that well and I had lots of random patches of hair left or b) worked but only if I scrubbed and scrubbed with a washcloth, which took longer and was more of a pain in the ass than shaving would have been. So I kind of gave up on them but I would try again if someone has one they swear by!

    • Bumblebee

      Seriously…does it really take you that long to shave your legs? one minute to slather on some soap and one to two minutes (maybe) to shave? Are you a wildabeast? Yes, its personal preference but please don’t whine in an upcoming article about finding out your husband is getting sex somewhere else. Maybe you should put in a little more effort and stop acting as if “free” sex for your husband excuses not making an effort for him. Lets just hope you make efforts in other areas.

      • Niki

        honey, if you think the reason a man cheats on you has anything at all to do with the state of the hair on your legs, you’ve got bigger problems than the frequency with which you choose to remove it.

      • Alessandra

        Wow really? I agree with another replier to your comment – If you think your man will cheat on you because of leg hair, or lack thereof, you have serious issues or you’re dating the WRONG person. Shaving is totally a personal preference. I myself do it often because I feel more comfortable in bed that way, but my man doesn’t care in the slightest. If that was the reason he’d go and sleep with another woman, he’s a POS anyway.

        Oh, and most men would see the “free sex” thing as AWESOME, just so you know. Maybe once your mind expands you can understand that everyone has differences in their personal habits. If it doesn’t affect you, keep your mouth shut.

    • Steph

      it’s not gross, but i shave during the winter. i always go a week between shaves unless something comes up, so it’s no big deal.

    • Katrina

      Cold weather and the accompanying long pants and leggings are a godsend to me! My poor skin is too sensitive for shaving or depilatories. I suffer through the summer in long dresses because even if I do shave, my skin looks so wrecked afterward it’d be better if I was just hairy! So, please, don’t be too hard on those of us who don’t shave our legs!

    • Renae

      I only shave if my legs are going to be seen. Year round. I wear jeans to work and school, so I will sometimes go months without shaving. Yes, months. Same goes for under arms. I get razor burn every time I shave so I usually skip it all together and wear sleeved shirts. I am undergoing laser hair removal though, so soon I’ll be able to wear my camis and tank tops without having to plan a few days ahead. I plan to get my legs done later too.

    • Quin

      I don’t shave my legs in winter because why bother? I’m not going to be showing them off, and leg hair doesn’t really bug me. I do shave my armpits on the winter though, not really sure why. I guess I view armpit hair as grosser than leg hair.

      Also, the first year I started to shave my legs, I shaved them through the winter, almost every time I took a shower. The next winter I decided it was too much work.

    • Shevonne

      I shave in the winter because I’m always at the gym.

    • Sass_Quatch

      I guess I cut back (haha) in the winter. I actually just shaved my legs though. I bought this fruity new gel today so it was more “fun.”

    • Barbara

      I shave my legs every 3 days during the summer, but in the winter go 8 or 9, unless I’m wearing a dress. My husband doesn’t mind. Having said that, I work at a hospital and think less of patient’s who’s legs aren’t shaved, I know I shouldn’t, but that’s the truth.

      • Andrea

        Wow. That makes me feel even worse about having to go to the doctor or ER. I like having shaved legs, but I’m not physically able to do it all the time. In fact, my partner has had to do it for me on occasion when I just can’t stand having hairy legs any longer. I already feel really self-conscious about it, but knowing that hospital workers might look down on me for it makes it even worse. I mean, people are there because they’re sick or disabled, so it stands to reason that many of them won’t be freshly shaved or fully made up.

      • Diana

        Andrea, not every health care provider is judgmental about shallow things like Barbara. Don’t feel bad about not having shaved legs in the hospital–it’s not important, and a good provider isn’t going to make you feel bad about it.

    • NotThumper

      I shave every time I shower (which is usually every other day). I am very pale but have very dark hair. My hair also grows incredibly fast (except on top of my head!), and by fast I mean I practically have a 5 o’clock shadow on my legs. It’d be awesome if shaving went by quickly but it doesn’t. I swear, my leg hair laughs at razors, lol. I’m used to it by now, though I’d give anything to have the money someday to have laser hair removal! :)

    • matbo

      Yes and no : if there is a chance of getting lucky I’ll shave, if not then no. Which can lead to horribly awkward situations. Like yesterday where I hadn’t shaved anywhere for 4 days, because of Christmas with the family and then suddenly found my self in bed with a hot guy trying desperately to not lift my arms while still doing all my sexy moves…So maybe it really is better to be prepared?

    • Rachel

      I shave everyday in the shower. I like to feel smooth all the time, it makes me feel sexy. Also, since I’m married and get some on a very regular basis, there is no reason not to be ready for sex.
      I also wear skirts (with tights, but still) to work in the winter, just as often as I wear pants.
      Shaving takes so little time, there is no reason I wouldn’t spend 5 minutes on maintiaining myself every morning. It just makes me feel good about myself and wearing lingerie.

    • jamie

      i rarely shave in the winter and not much in the summer, either…but i have blond, slow-growing hair on my legs, so it isn’t too big a deal. in fact, it is summer where i am now, i am wearing a dress andwho knows the last time i shaved. i would prefer to have shaved sometime in the last week, but i forgot when i was getting dressed this morning. i think i got more relaxed about it when i had a boyfriend who didn’t mind body hair. now my husband just accepts it (but i do regularly shave my underarms as i found other women to be soooooo judgmental about unshaved armpits).

    • Julia

      I shave almost as often in the winter as I do in the summer. I feel uncomfortable if I have too much hair on my legs because it rubs on my sheets when I’m trying to sleep, or against my pants. That being said, I do work in a pool so I have t0 shave year round anyways.

    • Chloe

      I don’t shave at all. I have a great boyfriend who doesn’t mind at all, and it has had no ill effects on our sex life. I also still get hit on by plenty of people. Honestly, I don’t really give a shit if someone is judging me- it’s just hair and there’s nothing intrinsically gross about it.

    • Ani

      I shave in the winter only if I’m dating someone, which I currently am. Otherwise, not frequently. Jury’s still out on what I’ll do if and when I get married…haha.

    • woo

      Wax! Wax! Wax! I wax my legs about every two weeks, and my pits about once a week. I feel like it’s a cleaner result, no stubble, and I hate shaving, it’s so bad for your skin!

    • Chanel

      I’m 24 been shaving for twelve years and just notice how my legs look with me shaving them for two months one word : Eww! It’s long and hairy like I never put a razor on it in my life. I’m thinking bout lathering up and bring out the razor and go to work. I really don’t see nothing wrong with shaving/waxing during the winter. Why should I have them on my legs to keep me warm if I wear sweats to bed during the winter. I get my eyebrows waxed during the winter so I don’t see nothing wrong with getting rid of your hairy legs.

    • Silvia Fernanda

      Yo si