Khloe Kardashian Was Once A Blonde

Amongst other, less flattering things, the Kardashians are known for their long, flowing, black locks. All five sisters rock the look, and it seems clear enough that if mom Kris or brother Rob wanted to do the same, genetics would make it possible. So it’s amusing to see that Khloe once attempted to set herself apart (pretend she was adopted? Try to pass for a family friend while out in public?) by bleaching her hair blonde.

The look in question was captured in a photo from a bygone Christmas Eve party, which Khloe posted on her website. What do you think about her former look?

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    • eelizg23

      Khloe’s hair is really more of a medium brown than the black the rest of the family has, so she might be the only one in the family who could dare to go blond. It doesn’t look THAT terrible, but she definitely looks better with her natural color.

    • Jill

      I like it

    • KeLynn

      I actually like it

    • Jen

      I think it looks really nice. And her hair isn’t black, it’s brown. & whats the big deal about her once having dyed her hair blonde?

    • miinxi

      remember recently she dyed her hair red? ( well apparently she had to dye it back to brown because it ruins the ‘kardashian image’. ridiculous!

    • aj

      I think it looks good on her!

    • Jennifer

      Wow! She looks amazing as a blonde! I think she should go back to it.

    • Dissy

      Khloe was actually blonde as a little girl, not this blonde but more of a dishwater blonde. So really this pic is just her enhancing her natural color.

    • Queen19

      She looks a lot more like Kim here! : ) And she looks amazing with blonde hair.


      That does not look like Khloe in that picture and it couldn’t have been taken too many years ago. I don’t think she looks like her mother or her father or any of her brothers and sisters. Her mother admits in her stupid book that she had an affair and I wonder if she is in fact a product of that affair. She supposedly did a DNA test on their show, however, she could only compare the DNA to her mother as her father had passed away years before that.

    • Shannon

      I think she looks amazing with blonde hair wish she would’ve kept it that way. But then again it is her hair and not mine so who am I to tell her what to do with her hair.