Gallery: Ryan Gosling Wishes You A Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah ends tonight, and who better to bid it adieu than everyone’s favorite feminist, food co-oping goy, Ryan Gosling? In this, his latest meme, he wishes all of us Jewesses s a happy Hanukkah in every conceivable way (and most importantly, shirtless).

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    • MR

      Sounds like the man has loved and been loved by more than one jewish woman. I know the feeling. You know my jewish girlfriends, during my high school years, weren’t necessarily kind to term jewess. As a result I never use the term to describe a jewish woman. Is this view too serious? Hmm, maybe because my great grandmother on my mother’s side was from the Antioquia region of Colombia. Her family were Jewish survivors of the Spanish Inquisition, who were forced to convert to Christianity. Though the Basques get more mention in the colonization of the region in the 1500s. But my grandfather always told me the story. She died before I was born.