Gallery: Sex Advice From 1948

Here are some pages from a 1948 sex advice book for women called “You and Your Sex Life.” The book suggests all kinds of sexist and incorrect things, like that if you masturbate with a small object it might go up your urethra, or that if you’re masturbating at all it’s because there’s something wrong with your marriage (because…you’re married, right?!).

Ha! Isn’t that backwards? Especially compared to us now, where every child and adolescent, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, receives conprehensive, compassionate, age-appropriate, inclusive and medically accurate sex education both at home and at school.

Juuuuust kidding!! That doesn’t happen for most kids. In fact, I’m not totally convinced that the majority of people these days have a much more open-minded understanding of their sexuality than what’s outlined in this old-fashioned book. You wouldn’t have to look around online for very long, for instance, to find an advice column telling a woman that she should be endeavoring to orgasm at the same time as her partner in order to have a satisfying sex life.

In other words, this book is making the rounds on the internet for being so woefully and hilariously out of date, but my not-so-funny point is that there are still plenty of kids (and adults!) who are terrified and ashamed of their sexuality, and operating under totally incorrect — and sometimes dangerous — myths, like, for instance, that drinking bleach will prevent HIV. So, you know, look at these pages, I guess, and have a good laugh, but let’s not get too cocky.

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    • Craig K

      wow, 1948 and giving tips! Good article

    • Patricia

      “in the normal act of coitus”

      Oh my, did I laugh.

    • Save1Star

      The last panel there made me shutter. Also, that must be one *small* object you’re masturbating with to have it accidentally travel up your urethra…