Rihanna Flashes Pierced Nipple In Revealing New Years Eve Look

Rihanna revealed her nipple ring in a racy lace frock this New Years Eve

Did you guys know Rihanna has her nipples pierced? The singer took in 2012 at Sean Combs‘ presumably lavish party in Miami, wearing a sheer lace dress that showed off her nipple ring. Although we think pairing sheer with bralessness is best left to runway fantasy, this may actually be a case of invasively bright paparazzi flashes. …Or how Rihanna dresses.

Though today’s a holiday for most of you, here at TheGloss we’re dutifully cataloging Ugly Things Famous People Wore This New Years Eve (like Kim Kardashian in a hideous Gucci mini). We’re not really sure how we feel about Rihanna’s nipple flash, however we are extremely concerned about those peroxide cornrows behind her.

(Daily Mail)

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    • Crush

      Nobody should ever use the “N” word when speaking of another person, but I will use the “P” word when talking about Rihanna: PIG.

      • SouthernLady

        Isn’t this akin to saying, “I’m not a racist, but…”

      • truck-drivin’-laydee


    • susan

      Cool. A woman’s breasts are part of her natural beauty, especially if they aren’t big and droopy. Rihanna has pretty breasts. She is feminine and her breasts aren’t fat or large like the awful “Playboy magazine” peasant bovine breasts lusted after by so many mindlessly boring American, German, Turkish, Greek and Russian males who yearn still for their mom.
      Breast adornment is not new. It has been celebrated in many progressive and liberal societies for thousands of years. It’s only in our post “1984″ prudery here in this Western culture we react to anyone with pretty breasts who celebrate them with jewelery.
      In the same way we do with ears and other parts of our bodies, of which we’re justly and rightly proud.
      R is fortunate not to have large mammaries. Her breasts will remain attractive both after pregnancy and throughout her life as she ages.
      Another thing, those people who react prudishly aren’t likely to want to know that nipple jewelry, along with other body piercing jewelry, can if performed properly be a beautiful and sensually rewarding experience.
      However, this is subjective. It cannot be enjoyed vicariously.
      I’ll concede it’s not for everyone, and of course the enjoyment doesn’t have to be openly displayed if the wearer chooses not to. That’s another topic.
      As is the response of the superficial fashionistas and writers who express Calvinistic reservations against this fashion in the same way they demonstrate fashion myopia by constantly referring in the 21st Century to standard and liberating minis that have been around since the 1960s in oxymoronic terms like “short” or
      micro”, or the worst current conformist PC phrase of all, “near naked”…!

    • Kathleen N.

      If you didn’t mention the alarming peroxide cornrows I was going to. They steal the thunder away from Rhianna’s nipple ring big time. And to think someone told her she looked fine before she left the house. Ugh.

    • leadhead

      I think looked good to me nothing wrong with it

    • Me

      This was intentional. Google her “Rihanna braless” and you will see for yourself she never wears a bra and is always flashing. She is a classless braless hoe!

    • Peter Hughes

      Rhianna looks happy in the picture, she looks good to me. I like to see happy, pretty women, if some people don’t, then log off.

    • bond

      Rhiannas a SWEET HEART sent me a Birthday Greeting today