How Men Feel About: Your New Year’s Weight Loss Resolution

new years weight loss resolution

Men hate it when you run around trying to diet and lose weight after New Year’s right? We can just go eat an entire pizza now? And continue doing so for all of 2012? Right? Right? We investigate!

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    • Fabel

      Oh okay Carl, that was refreshing. I like that answer.

    • Ms. Pants

      Wow! Where did y’all get the time machine to travel back to 1994 for the interview with Carl?

    • Nath

      OK, wait a second, is Carl being serious? Why did you feature that in there? And where did you find a guy who would give such an answer?

      • Ella Jane Goeppinger

        Ugh, Frank’s the worst.

        “It’s a sad truth that all men want to date a size 2, but they want a size 2 who eats like she’s a size 14. When you tell a man you’re on a diet, you shatter our illusion that you can just eat whatever you want because you’re some kind of magic girl. So diet for New Year’s if you want or need to, but don’t tell anyone about it.”

        I don’t want to date an actual human being – I want to date the magic image of a woman I have in my head!

    • MM

      Frank is a dick. There’s nothing I hate more than hearing “all men” this or “all women” that.

      Carl made me laugh but dude needs to cut down!

      • CW

        Frank is the most honest one of the bunch. Guys want a girlfriend/wife with a hot body but they don’t like what it takes women to get one. They hate the dieting, the time spent exercising, etc., etc. but they still want the end result. Can’t have it both ways, guys!

    • Jennifer

      Haha, yes, Carl just MADE my lunch break. Wait…I don’t even need lunch! Throw away this soup. Let’s get some X instead.