The 11 Most Annoying People Of 2011

kim kardashian awful

2011 was filled with some awesome people, and by that we mean, the miracle that is Courtney Stodden. She’s just a gift that keeps on giving. It was also filled with some people we’d really like to never see again. This year, or any year. For instance:

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    • rose

      Courtney Stodden???

      • katt

        YES COURTNEY STODDEN and kim kardashian was pretty annoying too, im just sick of her, why does a whore who had sex on camera like a PORNSTAR and had a fake wedding, plastic surgery make more money than the average person who isnt a whore, has a natural body and face and doesn’t act like a pornstar?! psshhh America.

    • Spard

      Ahaha, so clear this site hates the Kardashians. I guess they’re annoying because they have …fans? or something? Could you have found an older picture of kim if you tried?! seriously who writes for this site?!

    • vomiting

      You know that Michelle Duggar very recently had a late-term miscarriage/stillborn, right? A lot of people don’t like the family, but I don’t know where you get off implying that they feel they’re superior for having a large number of children.

    • Jess

      I dunno why there’s so much hate for Rebecca Black. Sure, the song she sang had stupid lyrics, but she’s just a young teenage girl and that’s hard enough as it is, without the whole internet hating on you. She didn’t even write the damn song. Did you know that she’s received death threats? She’s only 14, people.

      • katt

        she was actually bullied so much to the point where she is now home scoholed