Sarah Palin Layers All The Fleeces, Looks Ridiculous

Former Alaska governor, memoirist, talking head, and bottomless source of bittersweet laughter Sarah Palin was recently on FOX News to discuss GOP presidential candidates (“I am gettin’ pretty sick and tired of people condemning and cutting down Donald Trump for… calling it like he sees it and exercising his right as an American to express his views even via talking about a third party candidacy”). Amidst her praise of Trump’s stalwart fiscal conservatism, we noticed her striking fashion decision.

Sarah Palin wore two fleeces, one orange and one pink, layered on top of each other. This is having her folksy affectation cake and eating it, too, if we’ve ever seen it. Though we concede it’s probably pretty chilly in Wasilla, AK, we’d also bet they keep the sound stages at a comfortable temperature.

We did, however, appreciate being reminded of those bizarre Morgan Fairchild-starring Old Navy ads from early last decade:


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    • Tawny Jones

      Looks like Gorgeous Gov. Sarah Palin is taking some bad fashion advice, or just doesn’t care anymore. The hairstyle & ensemble in the video are really drab & dowdy. Not as ugly as Katie Couric or Rachel Maddow; but still, pretty awful.

      • tammy

        Is this a government site or something? Your name is similar to mine and you posted 28 minutes before me?

    • Tammy Jones

      Our next election could be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin’s bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she’s not running? Know what leaked out? She’s dodging the media now because of this

      • Katie

        Wow! I read that entire thing, and it is THE most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

      • jen sanders

        Great link. Looks like you’re right about government trolls attacking anyone who links to it. So much for democracy.

      • Mango

        You gotta be kidding me………………

    • Christy

      Nothing better to do than slam a woman with an opinion clothes and hair.

      • Sally

        Maybe if Sarah learned how to speak English…you know, sentences with real words….we could focus on her ‘ideas’ instead of her fake hair and pearls with fleece. As it is, she still speaks in gibberish most of the time.

    • al

      when you live in a place like alaska you dress the way you need to dress, in her case, in layers, because the day is going to start cold and get warmer.
      Excuse us all out here for not being New York City fashionistas. We have better things to do with our lives in the west than worry about what someone is wearing or what someone thinks about what we are wearing. I was so glad to leave New York years ago and leave people like this clown behind.
      Go Sarah.
      Perhaps you all like Whoopee Goldberg’s fashion choices better.Nice hair.

      • Darklady

        Yeah, and that 15 foot walk from one of her houses in Wasilla to the home studio where she broadcasts her ramblings from probably requires not just all those layers but a snowmachine ride to and from, cuz it’s too far to walk in high heels… cuz she dresses for the weather, don’tcha know.

        Sarah’s not breaking a sweat or shivering in the cold unless she wants to be, al. She’s a multi-millionaire now so that she can make sure we all know what simple, homespun, hard-workin’, blue-collar Americans she and her well-adjusted family of grifters are…

    • Autoamerican

      Sarah Palin looks ridiculous?

      Please. She’s got a long, LONG way to go before she looks as ridiculous as Marcy D’Arcy…oops, I mean, Katie Couric. Or Hillary Clinton. Or Andrea Mitchell or Candy Crowley or Rachel Maddow or Mika Bryzinski or Kathleen Sebelius or Valerie Jarret or Michelle Obama or Diane Sawhorse….. Come to think of it, ANY liberal woman (and I use the term ‘woman’ lightly when it comes to liberals).

      Is THIS why you liberals hate Sarah so much? Because she’s acquainted with lipstick, mascara and deoderant, and isn’t ashamed of her femininity?

      • Darklady

        Yeah, that must be it, Autoamerican… we commie pinko fag junkie Sarah Palin haters just think that her association with cosmetics and femininity are too much to tolerate.


        Yeah, us liberals are famous for being ugly. That’s why so many of us are musicians, movie stars, strippers, porn stars, and prostitutes. Nobody wants to get next to our hideous, hairy, hyper masculine bodies.

        (exit amid a peal of laughter)

      • Steph

        whoa, you think rachel maddow and michelle obama are ugly? watch yourself.

        second, LOL. if you think that’s why we don’t like her, you are totally wrong. it’s her policies and her total lack of respect for women’s rights that make me not like her. get over yourself.

      • medteach

        Miss Autoamerican – the “stepford” child of the last quarter century….the “liberal” crap notwithstanding, you named quite a list of women that I would love to hang with. We liberals do not hate Sarah Palin. But she took the best of what a woman (of ANY persuation) wants to be when she’s 25 and rising and sold it as a mature woman who earned the right to be the governor of Alaska. She’s captivating but not presidential….that’s the part of Sarah Palin that really pisses me off. I want to like her, I really do…but then she opens her mouth.

      • Sally

        Yeah, that’s it. We ALL want to be so fashion savvy that we wear our pearls with two shades of fleece. And any woman on that list of yours is better dressed and made up than Sarah on her best day. Why is it that conservatives are so obsessed with liberal women and their looks?

    • Darklady

      What the hell happened to her hair?

      I can sorta forgive her the mishmash of unnecessary studio fleece selections, but her head looks like there’s a badly made wig from badger pelts stapled to it.

      • MR

        I like your grifters comment. Yeah she’s so Alaskan, but now lives in a multi-million dollar hacienda in Arizona. And on your liberals pun. As I said more than once before, at first I thought she was a big threat during the 2008 election, cause her pro-life position might have played well in the more socially conservative Midwest including eastern Pennsylvania, and its pivotal swing States, that is Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania. And also believed she might capitalize on the potential defection of angry Hillary supporters – I hope I haven’t insulted any Hillary supporters here. But then fortunately she blew up. You know Al would have fit right in with the conservatives during the Great Depression, labeling the New Dealers a bunch of radicals.

      • MR

        I was re-reading what I sent you – was monitoring something else when I typed it. First typo: I meant western Pennslyvania not eastern as for as an extention of the more socially conservative Midwest into the actual Northeast – this area is also the most pro-Democrat portion of the State. Clarification: I meant Palin’s potential sway on Catholic women (those who are more socially conservative with pro-life leanings) in pivotal swing States like Ohio, Iowa and Pennsylvania. Second typo: I meant your response to Autoamerican not Al on your liberals pun. Last point: Unfortunately Palin isn’t going away. And people have already forgotten how she whipped up race to try to help McCain as he was stumbling. I’ll give McCain credit though, when the racist feedback of the fire she stoked was spiraling out of control, at one of McCain’s campaign stops, he pushed back hard on those supporters – him saying you’re not with me.

    • jo

      Wow, Ashley Cardiff is a little creepy.

    • Robert M

      Forgive me for being a Man, but Sarah could shave her head and wear a used garbage bag and she would still be attractive to me personally, mostly based solely on her personality. Do you know how hard it is to find a strong woman that can raise a family, likes to hunt, AND is attractive who ALSO is not already attached and/or a single mother? It’s nearly impossible it seems, because Sarah is one of the first I’ve seen in my entire life of searching. I’ve been single for years because I HATE, strong word, HATE superficial people.
      Those 120lb blond girls who tan every other day, wear fake nails, 5 or more makeup products, and spend more than $20/month on maintaining their hair, all so they can go out to the club every other night and want a rich man (or why bother?, they say) so they can shop every other day, I personally have a name for them…..diapers: great for dumping a load, but keep them for a day or so and they really become a pain in the ass. Those girls, in my opinion, to me, have zero potential for anything serious such as a family or a lifelong monogamous relationship, and it seems the main culprits causing this phenomenon is the vicious triad of selfishness, entitlement, and jealousy, all traits that are dealbreakers for me, and should be for most rational people. I guess I’m just a 28 year old fuddy-duddy or curmudgeon.

      • fig

        You realize that Palin spent a bunch of money to have a tanning bed installed in the Alaska Governor’s mansion, don’t you?

        ANd on her own reality show, she couldn’t hit a Moose with the first 4 shots?

        And that she’s married?

    • Lori Terleck

      Let’s face it….compared to our current first lady Palin is movie star model gorgeous regardless of what she wears.

      • MR

        @Lori: You got me curious, yeah I’m on an anti-Palin roll. The woman I’m dating and I just discussed this. And we both agree you are really out there. Why not stack her up against all the first ladies?

        Okay just the ones since the ’70s:

        Michelle Obama (M. Obama)
        Laura Bush (Tie wth Palin)
        Hillary Clinton (Hillary)
        Barbara Bush (Palin, but it was close)
        Nancy Reagan (Tie wth Palin, are you starting to see a pattern here?)
        Rosalynn Carter (R. Carter)
        Betty Ford (Palin – horray she finally won one)
        Pat Nixon (Tie wth Palin)

    • Greg Allen

      Didn’t she redistribute money from the oil companies to the citizens of Alaska? That doesn’t sound like any conservative I know of.

      • London

        This is a yes but question. Yes she did but the money she distributed is money that the oil company gives to Alaska for lease money for using their land. The money is then put into The Alaska Permanent Fund and on a yearly basis is distributed to Alaskans who have held residency for at least a year. The fund was set up in 1982 so it’s been going on for almost 20 years now.

    • bill major

      she has more class than the writer obviously. she suppose to show some boob or leg ? we know she s built and fit are you Ashley ?

    • Joe

      Joe agrees with Jo.
      Ashley Cardiff is either jealous, small time, or at
      least has proven to be small minded.
      Get away from truly famous people would you Ashley.
      You serve no purpose in the scheme of journalism.
      Either to inform, or elucidate the personal profile of those
      who are actually going into the history books as someone of importance.

      By the way NOT YOU ASHLEY.
      You will be forgotten the moment you shut up.


      Do you people listen to yourselves or do you just like to spew? Our country has real problems here. Let’s focus on the real issues and cut the crap. Grow the hell up and quit being absolute idiots.

    • Stephanie

      This is ridiculous. She looks fine. Please try to post a real article next time.

    • Realworldmom

      I am no fan of Palin’s politics. However, I find this article to be petty and frivolous. She dressed warmly and comfortably. I’m fine with that. I don’t care if she dresses in 8 layers of clashing color fleeces, plus Sorel boots, rainbow striped socks and a toque over her puff. I’d just like to hear some coherent and compassionate ideas. Her lack of attention to the foolish world of fashion is probably the only thing that I like about her.

      I recall all of the hoopla of Hillary’s headbands (who should care?) and the shock when Roslyn Carter wore the same dress to the Presidential inauguration that she did when Jimmy became governor. Good for them both!

    • Linda

      Sarah’s record in Alaska was fabulous until the liberal mean-spirited, and trumped up smear campaign started. Even then, she came out squeaky clean and totally vindicated. A winner always comes out on top. As for her style, she looks fabulous in anything because she actually works. Is your style preference Hilary’s polyester size 18 pant suits or “I’ve never been proud of America” and her pinata dress disaster, or wrinkled shorts, who ever her fashion advisor is they should be fired. Just saying – I’ll take Sarah’s style any day! By the way, she wore what the RNC had picked out for her. It’s the liberal left who twisted the truth as usual.