• Tue, Jan 3 2012

Fashion Disasters: Steven Tyler’s Tiny Camouflage Swimming Briefs

Photo: Miguel Aguilar/Juan Sharma, PacificCoastNews

Today we’re awarding television personality/budget Mick Jagger/occasional Aerosmith guy Steven Tyler the dubious distinction of biggest Fashion Disaster by way of smallest amount of clothing possible. Here he is vacationing in Hawaii wearing a camouflage banana hammock (we’re unsure if that is an official Speedo brand suit, after all) with a bunch of Forever 21 jewelry from ten years ago, maybe.

We would say he’s way too old for this, but that outfit is unacceptable at every age.


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  • Brenda

    Bueno che dejenlo tranquilo al tipo a quien carajo le importa lo que viste, lo importante es el talento que tiene