Sarah Palin Debuts Towering Beehive On FOX News

Sarah Palin made yet another questionable decision regarding her appearance this week by popping up on FOX News to discuss the Iowa caucus… in a beehive. Speaking live from Wasilla, AK (where it’s so cold you need two fleeces) Palin’s hair was styled in loose curls around what looked like an impressively intense bumpit. See:

We’d say it’s an improvement over yesterday’s hair (which looked like a wig that hated itself) but it’s still pretty firmly in Snooki territory for someone who wants to be taken seriously.

We’ll leave you with one more.


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    • Shevonne

      This is definitely filed under the “What Was She Thinking” files

    • M

      With this hairdo she looks like that funny lumpy raspy-voiced horn rim-wearing admin alien from “Monsters, Inc.”