5 Reasons To Love ‘Jane By Design’, 5 Reasons To Hate ‘Jane By Design’

love hate jane by design

Surely, you have seen the colorful posts for ABC Family’s new show Jane By Design? It’s about a teenager who gets a job assisting a high powered fashion executive while simultaneously going to high school, somehow? While we would normally be watching Godard, since we are a fashion and beauty website, it’s our job to report on it. Our reporting has nothing to do with the fact that we’ve seen Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead - where a teenager gets a high powered job in fashion to make money when her parents are away for the summer and the babysitter dies and there’s an amazing 80′s sportswear fashion show – at least 17 times. Here are reasons to love it, also reasons to hate it!

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    • Joanna

      Andie McDowell’s hair is one reason to marvel at anything she is in. Like Footloose. (Especially Footloose.)

    • Elizabeth

      Giant belts, 90s jackets, statement shoes … I think I will watch this because I predict a successful drinking game can be made from “drink whenever the protagonist wears something you’ve seen on Jane Aldridge.”

    • Magda

      I was prepared to hate this show… But then the main character had to go and be so darned cute! She’s adorable, really.

      And when the popular girl says she got her jacket at “the salvation army summer sale”, I felt her pain! I thought the jacket was cute. =(

    • Allie

      I honestly can’t stand this show. I guess it’s because I can’t stand the main character. She seems too naive and unable to stand up for herself (defenseless). sometimes I feel like the show is going to slow and I want to just jump in there and slap jane and shout LIGHTEN UP. I dont know if it’s just the acting but whenever I watch it I just get really frustrated.