Real Talk: What Are Your Irrational Fears For 2012?


It’s 2012, everyone! Are you excited to be rid of 2011? Not to put a damper on things, but perhaps you’ve heard about this year’s accompanying Mayan apocalypse? We (like reasonable people) don’t think the world will actually end anytime soon but we decided to ask some neurotic Gloss friends about their irrational fears for the upcoming year.

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    • Fabel

      “Matt”, you’re not my boyfriend, are you? Because I’ve already told him I won’t fuck him anymore if he shaves his beard.

      Also, Nina- “I want everyone who says they have a gluten allergy to shut the fuck up” YES, yes, yes.

    • MM

      Am I the only one who suddenly developed a full-body itch after reading Gretta’s fear?