Gallery: Demi Moore Continues To Look Attractive In Harper’s Bazaar

49-year-old actress Demi Moore is looking crazy good in this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar, in which she discusses the new show she is co-producing with longtime friend Amanda De Cadenet. The show is called The Conversation, and it’s a celebrity interview type talk show that will air on ultimate lady-channel Lifetime. The HB interview contains a lot of New Age-y spirituality talk that is somewhat uninteresting to me, but Moore also says some relatively body positive-stuff, so it’s probably worth a read for that.

(Via Harper’s Bazaar)

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    • MR

      Foxy Lady. New Age? You know she’s ‘Year of the Tiger’ club member, born in ’62. I grew up and came of age with women like her. Very sensitive women, but also very strong and very loving. She will be loved again. Schoolboy Ashton? Never got that. Willis, I get.

    • yayan

      huh…is very beautiful….like willis new wife..