The Editors Discuss: White Palace & Why You Should Never Date Outside Your Class

The other night, TheGloss‘ Deputy Editor Ashley Cardiff was surfing through Netflix Instant for her favorite genres–”critically acclaimed understated independent violent movies,” obviously–when one striking cover caught her eye. It belonged to a lesser known movie from 1990 called White Palace. Lured by the image’s outlandishly steamy qualities, she discovered that the film concerns a young James Spader (!) ensnared in a sexy romance with a much older and poorer Susan Sarandon. Ashley proceeded to watch White Palace. She came into the office today to boast about her strange, exciting experience only to discover… Editor in Chief Jennifer Wright fucking loves White Palace. Here, they dicuss.

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    • Jamie Peck

      How did I not know about this movie?! I am canceling all my plans so Debbie and I can watch this tonight.

      • Maria

        Exactly my reaction! (Except I don’t know Debbie). I have a huge crush on Susan Sarandon, James Spader is sexy in a weird way even my boyfriend admits to be attracted to, they’ll have sex – perfect movie!

    • Sorare

      A little note of trivia regarding White Palace…it took five days to film the infamous blow job scene! I haven’t any idea why it took so long, but the director said if he had known it would be so difficult to film he would have hired porn star body doubles for Spader and Sarandon and just left them go at it.

    • Lisa

      Ohhhhhh my gosh. NEED TO WATCH THIS.

    • Lisa

      Also, other great movies featuring opera: Moonstruck (with Cher and Nicolas Cage!) and Pretty Woman (with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, obvs).

    • Joanna

      You forgot an important part of this movie… how all of the secondary Jewish ladies went on to star on The Nanny.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Fair. But I think we can all agree that the single *most* important thing is that tagline.

    • Diane

      This film is absurd, but I love it so much!!!