Gallery: 10 Things I Think Zooey Deschanel Is Actually Spending Her Money On

As you may know by now, princess of commodified quirk Zooey Deschanel has just gotten around to filing for divorce from her estranged husband Ben Gibbard, which has somehow resulted in an account of her personal finances getting released to the public. They’re fairly boring, all things considered. Apparently, Deschanel makes $95,000/month and spends a fraction of that (~$22,000) living incredibly well; according to the document, she spends $1,000 on groceries and household supplies, $500 on eating out, $800 on utilities (turn out the damn lights!), $300 for “her various phones and email accounts” (isn’t email free?), $600 on laundry and cleaning and $2,000 on clothes.

Or does she? Maybe this balance sheet is but a smokescreen for what Zooey’s actually spending her money on: items fantastical and fine. Here’s where I think the money is actually going.

(Via TMZ)

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    • Lisa

      I think it’s ALL being spent for Project Katy Perry.

    • Jessica

      This was the stupidest and most pointless blog I’ve ever read. You should re-evaluate your career.

    • Rick Santorum

      That was the funniest, most on point blog I’ve ever read. Please stay the course and tell Jessica that she’s not allowed to post anymore if she’s not going to get the humor.
      Go Jesus.

    • Linnea Covington

      Hilarious. Though I feel like she would spend a lot of stickers too, and tiny instruments.

    • Linnea Covington
    • Tulip

      A few things…

      The accompanying picture for Black Market Kitten Blood is amazing.

      Vegan cupcakes are impossible to love. They’re unlovable. Sorry.

      What about her Lisa Frank budget? She needs folders to keep all those receipts in, no?