Shopping Guide: Uggs Alternatives Under $100

uggs hideous

We found you some practical, pretty and considerably less expensive alternatives to Uggs. Because winter is too long to go through without a pair of sturdy warm boots, but life is too short to go through looking like a sheep.

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    • Cee

      Some of the boots are nice, some are just awful (fringe? honestly?) and not practical for rainy/snowy days (tall riding boot). Like I said, not all of us have the luxury of just sitting around ranting away on our laptop for a living, some of us actually have to go out in the snow, rain and cold, some of us like the comfort..and just like someone may like a 300 ridiculous pair of heels that THEY thing are totally worth it, some of us like a 200 dollar pair of ridiculous boots and think THEY are worth it. Can’t you just accept that someone likes something you dont?

    • Cee

      PS..people do wear socks under Uggs, its rather snotty of you to equate a type of shoe to being a slob or savage.

    • Avodah

      How many of these are insulated? Besides the Sorels, which of them do well in much the same manner as Uggs?
      I wear Uggs because I go to school in a nasty, snowy, cold city. I don’t wear my Uggs every day. But, when I do it is because my freakin feet are cold.

    • Hall

      I don’t wear Uggs because the price is ridiculous. I wear Target’s version. They’re warm and cozy and I just don’t care. My comfort comes first and as long as my feet stay warm so does the rest of my body.

    • BL

      Sorry for all you guys getting heated, but Uggs are horrible. Uggs = ugly. Where do you think they got their name? They’re only vaguely acceptable on people who are still in high school or younger, but only because we generally excuse their behavior and undeveloped decision making process anyway.

      I’m not saying don’t wear them. I even own a pair (though they were a gift, I would’ve never spent my money on them). They’re super comfy, but they’re also superfugs. Sure defend them if you want, but lets be realistic about the situation.

      Now, the actual Ugg slippers, that are designed to be worn just around the house, have my full endorsement. Favorite slippers ever.

      • N

        So what you’re saying is we can wear them just as long as we know they are ugly? Well thank you so much for your permission.

    • vidzero

      The secret to making a women happy: warm feet o.o

    • eelizg23

      I have a pair of Uggs left over from college. I never really thought they were cute exactly, but 75% of the girls were wearing them so it didn’t even matter. Now I just wear them as slippers around the house, or if it’s really cold, I’ll put them in my tote bag and take them to the office with me (I only have one coworker, so I don’t even bother trying to look nice for him).

      I think the main reason behind not wearing them anymore isn’t really because of what others think about them. It’s just because my style has changed a lot, and I tend to wear high-heeled boots or heels and dresses and skirts and stuff way more than I ever used to. So I don’t wear them out really, but I can’t blame others for doing it. They are maybe the only shoes I’ve found that can always warm my little block of ice feet up.

    • stella

      I’m starting to suspect that the Gloss just posts these “Uggs Are Gross” and “I Don’t Find Gosling/Depp/Whomever Sexy” articles to drum up some comments. These certainly seem to be the only subjects that generate commenter interest/outrage. Usually it’s crickets around here.

    • Rose

      Hey! I found the shoes for my Richard Hammond costume.

    • uggs

      i want to know more information about that. how i get that? please reply as soon as possible

    • Amthyste

      As pretty as these alternatives are they are quite impractical if you live in a very cold climate (e.g. Canada). In these instances you learn to make the boots work for you or else you freeze your toes off, literally. And Uggs, say what you will, are VERY warm compared to many other boots. And at -40 degree celcius weather, that’s what you want.