Just Say No: Uggs Are A Fashion Disaster

stop wearing uggs

Look, I know it’s cold out. I know you want to shake your fist at the sky and say “fuck you, cold!” You want to make choices!  You want to make statements! Which is why you don’t wear Uggs. Because when you buy Uggs and wear them outside – as it would appear women are still doing – the major statement you are making is “I paid $200 for my feet to look puffy because I have no orginality whatsoever.”

Let’s not pretend that anyone is buying them because Uggs are a really flattering design on you, personally. There’s nothing to this design that would accentuate your legs, or show off your dainty feet. There’s nothing to the design that would make you stand up straighter or accentuate your bottom (high heels do this). There’s in fact nothing to indicate that you don’t have square, hideous shoeboxes in place of human feet.

But then, people have a right to wear things that are ugly. Helena Bonham Carter has made a red carpet career out of that, and her doing so seems engaging, and like something that really works for her, despite landing her on Worst Dressed lists contstantly. It’s almost admirable. Because she’s original. Carter seems like she prioritizes what’s unusual or eye catching over what is traditionally considered flattering, or beautiful, or obviously appealing. Traits that we might infer about her from the fact that she does this all the time are that:

She thinks outside the box!

She likes things that are odd!

She’s not invested in traditional ideals about what makes a woman sexy!

Since that is absolutely in keeping with the persona she portrays on screen, that works really well for her. You know what Helena Bonham Carter doesn’t do? Wear things that are obviously ugly because Jessica Simpson wore them with denim miniskirts in 2000.

Because in the mid-2000s, the thing Uggs had going for them was that they were ugly, but original. It was very odd – almost exciting – to puzzle over how women would be hiking through the Alaskan wilderness while wearing a 4 inch long skirt and a tank top. And it was also interesting that in a Carrie Bradshaw influenced age, when Manolo Blahniks was suddenly a household name, women would opt instead to wear deliberately unflattering footwear. It was kind of a “fuck you” to the societal ideals that were cropping up at that time, and that gave Uggs, awful though their design might have been, at least a frisson of novelty. [tagbox tag="uggs"]

Admittedly, in the same way it would be novel if you started walking around with dead water moles on your feet.

Is that a thing people do? Awful people? I don’t know.

But the women you see wearing Uggs today are not wearing them because they want to take an outre stand against popular notions of beauty. They are wearing them because Lindsay Lohan used to wear them 5 years ago, and they are unfamiliar with Lindsay Lohan’s career trajectory.

And don’t pretend that the girls buying them are doing so because they’re “so warm!” All boots are “so warm.” This is the very purpose of boots. And for that matter, socks. The fact that one of Uggs selling point is that is can be worn without socks only seems to reinforce their core disgustingness. Think about how grimy your socks look after you’ve worn them and walked around in them all day. Think about that grime building up over years. That is the inside of an Ugg boot. A goddamn petri dish of foot grime.

And it’s not as though they’re built to withstand the elements. Uggs seem to hold up to the slush and snow of winter worse than anything, given that every time you look at them you can see discolored patches that look as though someone recently urinated on them. This does not happen with most boots, because most boots are not made out of soft, fuzzy fabric. And, of course, they’re not waterproof, so your feet will get soaked, which really won’t help the foot grime situation. Perhaps the idea of wearing them with tank tops isn’t as ridiculous as it initially appears.

Ultimately, though, every time I see a woman wearing a pair of Uggs, I imagine her turning to me and saying “I dropped this money on unflattering boots because I once saw a celebrity wear them and I cannot think for myself. The fact that a celebrity wore them once means they must be good, right?” If you press your ear close enough to Ugg sheepskin, you can hear the desperate bleating of the sartorially insecure. Man up. Be original. Be creative. Be bold. Buy a pair of non-awful boots.



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    • Em

      Wow, this is kind of offensive and generalises a lot of people who wear Uggs. I live in Northeastern Canada, and I’ve never owned winter boots that were as warm as Uggs. When the temperatures reach a low of -35 Celsius, I don’t give a fuck what my feet look like, and I certainly didn’t base my choice on what Lindsay Lohan or Jessica Simpson wear.
      If you’re going to write articles that speak out against women hating on each other, maybe don’t act like a hateful snot towards girls who have different tastes in clothing than you do.

    • Kayla

      You need to chill, lady. I moved to New York last week and quickly realized that nobody gives a fuck what you’re wearing. It’s cold and sunny,so why not wear something that’s going to be far more warm and comfortable than leather boots?

    • Erma

      Seconding the unbelievable warmth that trumps all objections based on appearance. I have very poor circulation to my feet and Uggs are the only boots that really keep my toes from going numb. Uggs are like puffy down coats; people don’t wear them to look stylish.

      • karen

        Exactly! I live in PNW and we all wear puffy jackets that don’t “look good” but when it’s 42, cold, damp and grey out – who cares what you look like? It’s COLD out!

      • Steph

        42 is a dream in the winter. Buck up.

    • suzie

      this author is probably just bitter because she can’t afford UGG boots.

      • stella

        Oh my god, we’re like totally in middle school now?

      • caira

        spot on! :-D

    • B

      Wow. What a horrible post.

      My Uggs have lasted longer than any of the leather boots I’ve had over the years. I don’t wear them every day, but they are nice to put on when it is freezing out. I don’t find them to be fashionable, but sometimes you just want to stay warm. And other boots are honestly not even close to being as warm.

      Maybe you need to stop being so judgmental.

    • Lemona

      I live in a frigid city full of snow and slush and I would never wear Uggs because I’ve seen the women who do (yes, generalizing), and they are slipping (and falling!) around in dirty, soaking wet boots, usually wearing coats that are cute rather than practical. They are linked to a certain type of consumer.

      Maybe you find Uggs quite warm and they work for you. Glad you found some footwear that is good for you! But there are tons of warm, waterproof boots out there; anyone who claims these boots became popular because they are warm, rather than because they were a ridiculous celebrity fashion choice, is being silly. You don’t wear them for that reason, but you know others do!

      It would be hateful if JW pushed you down on the sidewalk because you are wearing Uggs. But she didn’t do that; she just recommended people stop wearing them.

      • Erma

        I agree that they’re not good snow boots. Many people fail to accept that Uggs get disgusting when you wear them in the snow and slush all winter (even after using that overpriced waterproofing spray). I have a separate pair of fleece-lined snow boots, but Uggs are perfect for dry bitter cold days. And yes, there are other boots that are warm, but Uggs are actually a pretty good value compared to other high-quality super warm boots like La Canadienne. I resisted the urge to Ugg up for many years after they became popular because I didn’t want to look like some vapid sorority girl with no taste or originality, but after 4 years in Chicago I decided it’s not worth it to lose feeling in my feet for fear of what strangers might think of me. Haters gon’ hate. I love my Uggs.

      • Ms. Badger

        I usually see them on sorrostitutes who wear them tucked into sweatpants, complaining that their feet got wet when they decided to venture out in the snow. Then shivering, wet, and cold cause they’re only wearing Uggs, sweatpants, and a hoodie.

    • Claire

      You know something that’s less original than wearing Uggs? Hating on them.

      I once hated Uggs too, but my boyfriend’s mom gave me a pair last year for Christmas. I had never actually worn them before, but immediately realized that they are, in the words of Jeff Winger, “like wearing a pair of dreams.”


      All things in moderation, yo.

      • Cee

        OMG, I love you, LOVE Community and absolutely love Jeff Winger!

    • Cee

      Sadly we all don’t live in a sex in the city-esque life where we can wear all the snobby brands you guys talk about on a daily basis. Not only that, but some of us refuse to sacrifice comfort for the sake of whatever some blogger or fashionista finds trendy which sometimes is equally hideous or moreso. Some of us have jobs that require us to..I don’t know..go outdoors instead of sitting around in front of a laptop making money off of our rants. Uggs are so helpful for women who have to be out in the cold or be on their feet a lot. Right now, I am a teacher of little tykes..I am NOT going to wear the stupid heels and brands you guys talk about on a daily basis, teachers sometimes can’t have such fancy things on a daily basis (ever wash paint, glue and glitter off a cashmere sweater?). I wear flats (GASP..probably another lack of fashion originality) Uggs and anything that will keep me comfortable, WARM (when needed), and sneakers (the horror!) because I rather invest my money on something that will keep me on my feet when 30 children are playing in the rain instead of balancing on some odd spiky heels some blogger thinks is worthy.

    • Ms. Badger

      I’ve thought they were awful ever since I first started seeing them. It’s just not natural to wear boots without socks. I have also always found it hard to believe a country with a mostly desert climate would be able to produce proper winter boots.

      Em: I don’t think this is towards anyone who wears Uggs, I think it’s more towards the horrid monstrosity that someone decided was a good idea to sell. That’s cool that you don’t care what your feet look like, but some of us would rather have waterproof knee-high winter boots for those 2 feet of snow kind of days.

      • Em

        Are you serious? The entire article is bashing people who wear Uggs:
        “Ultimately, though, every time I see a woman wearing a pair of Uggs, I imagine her turning to me and saying “I dropped this money on unflattering boots because I once saw a celebrity wear them and I cannot think for myself. The fact that a celebrity wore them once means they must be good, right?” If you press your ear close enough to Ugg sheepskin, you can hear the desperate bleating of the sartorially insecure. Man up. Be original. Be creative. Be bold. Buy a pair of non-awful boots.”

        I don’t know Ms. Badger, sounds to me like she’s saying Ugg-wearers are insecure and can’t think for themselves, so I would say that it is at least partially against people who wear Uggs. And why do certain people get to decide what constitutes a “horrid monstrosity”? Someone might think your knee-high winter boots are ugly, but I doubt they’d judge you as a person because of it.

      • Ms. Badger

        Well if that’s the case, then I guess my other comment proves the insecurity and inability for one to think for herself when buying Ugg boots, since I do usually see them on sorority girls.

        No matter how you slice the story, it doesn’t change that they’re really not practical boots for wet winter weather.

        I don’t care if someone judges me for having practical knee-high snowboots, at least I know I’ll have dry, warm feet with significantly less boot feet grime. And didn’t pay ridiculous amounts of money for it. :)

      • Cee

        Yes Ms. Badger, all of Ugg wearers are dumbass sorority girls, twirling our hair and licking lollipops while you outsmarted us all…*eyeroll* oh no..sarcastic smiley :)

      • Claire

        Ms. Badger, you’re making all these stuffy generalizations about sorority girls while *inviting* the comparison to a badger? Shameless… I like it.

      • Em

        Right, and clearly I don’t care if someone tries to call me a “sorroristute” (which is incredibly offensive, by the way). If you follow the care instructions on Uggs, they don’t get wet through to your foot, and salt stains are easily removed. As I said before, I live in Northeastern Canada where winter is nothing but wet, snowy, slushy misery, and I wear my Uggs every day with no problems or complaints. Also, I bought them for $35.00 Canadian, which is roughly $35.67 US at the moment, so if you look at the right places you don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts of money for them :)

    • Melissa

      Wow! This article is really ridiculous. I own Uggs and have had them for probably 8 years. They are ugly, admittedly, but who CARES? I also own pairs of really cute leather and suede boots, but honestly when it’s really cold and I need to go to the grocery store, I tuck my sweatpants into my Uggs and my feet are nice and warm. I don’t wear them to be fashionable, I wear them so my feet are warm and comfy. They have outlasted every other pair of leather boots I’ve had and were well worth their $200 price tag, as I’m still wearing them comfortably 8 years later. It’s a really outrageous generalization to say that people who wear Uggs are desperate and insecure and doing so because celebrities used to. Judgmental much?

    • Andrea

      I have to agree with the silliness of this post. I have owned my boots going on 8 years, and they may be less than pristine, but they have help up exceptionally well! They are officially my “dog walking shoes” now, because when I wake up at 7am to walk my dog and am still in my pajamas, I sure as hell am not going to bother to put on socks and lace up shoes!

      • Andrea

        I meant to specify I’ve owned UGG boots for 8 years

    • Amy

      This article is funny, mean, and true. You can get much better quality boots (Sorels up in here!) for much cheaper ($35 UGGS are not UGGS, they’re knock-offs, sorry!).
      I thought it was hilarious that Charlize Therone’s character in Young Adult wore them for most of the movie, because it illustrated her immaturity. UGGS are like dying your hair blue, cute if you’re under 22, kind of sad if you’re not.

      • KeLynn

        Agreed! I’m in a totally un-fashion-forward city, but even I don’t remember the last time I saw Uggs anywhere other than my 16-year-old-cousin-who-acts-13′s youtube channel. I was not aware this was still a relevant topic, and I’m kind of depressed to learn that it’s still a common thing other places.

        But since it apparently is, I’m left baffled. I just don’t understand the brand loyalty, I guess. From what I gather from this thread, the things people like about Uggs are that they are slip on, and warm, and comfortable, and can last a long time. But there are plenty of other brands/boots that do all those things as good or better, but that also have the *additional* features of being waterproof, having traction, being even warmer, and not being quite so ugly. Obviously any time you value practicality over fashion the looks will suffer and I’m not trying to say that my Columbia boots could ever be considered “sexy,” but they are far less ugly and far more practical on all points. And were $50.

    • Denise

      I agree. Uggs are horribly ugly boots. Get a pair of Doc Martens.

      • Jane

        And a pair of wool socks.

    • Caira

      I just bought my first pair of classic tall uggs and I LOVE THEM! I also have very expensive pair of Timberland snow boots and my feet were freezing cold last winter so this year I finaly bought myself a pair of UGGS, I think they look great with pretty much everything except dresses and they keep my feet super warm. if it wasn’t for the price tag I would buy them in every colour :-)

    • the emily

      I know they’re ugly. I don’t care if they’re unoriginal. I can slip them on without having to tie or strap or button anything. It’s like flip flops for winter. So I say eff you to people who hate uggs, because I just don’t care.

    • Brooke

      This post reminds me of something the popular bitches would try to put in my old high school’s newspaper. Because they wore heels to make their asses look good.

      But you got lots of comments. Hope it helps with your insecurities.

    • MM

      …wait, people wear these WITHOUT SOCKS? That’s kinda gross.

    • Lindsay Cross

      Ummmmm…. Uggs are hideous. And awful. And there are a million shoes that manage to be comfortable and warm without being Uggs. I’m pretty sure that TheGloss has never said that you have to wear heels all day every day. But “comfortable flats” does not have to equal “horrid grossness.” Uggs are a whole lot of horrid grossness.

      By the way, if you’re tucking sweatpants into your Uggs, then you’re wearing sweatpants in public. And I kind of judge you for that too.

      • Pix


        Seriously Lindsay? You judge people for wearing sweatpants in public? Walking their dog? Going to the gym? Quick run to the supermarket?

        Would I find them inappropriate to wear to a wedding? Yes.

        Do I think people should be judged negatively simply for wearing them somewhere in public? Hell no. That’s just obnoxious.

    • Hanna

      This has got to be one of the most ridiculous, and offensive posts I’ve ever seen. Sure, Ugg boots aren’t very pretty,but do you even know how many styles they carry? 100′s! Are you seriously saying that women should wear heels in cold weather? I’d love to see you try and cross a patch of ice in stilettos. :) You’re acting like a middle school aged child, generalizing /hating on anyone who wears Uggs. I happen to own 5 pairs, and love all of them. They’re basically tho only shoes I wear in the winter.

      • http://facebook.com/fcxfc Francesca

        i think it’s the thick silhouette of uggs that the blogger hates.

    • Stephanie

      @ Lindsay Cross

      Wow, you sound really stuck up.

      “By the way, if you’re tucking sweatpants into your Uggs, then you’re wearing sweatpants in public. And I kind of judge you for that too.”

      What gives you the right to judge people? Fashion isn’t always everyone’s first priority. Sorry if I don’t feel like going to the gym in a miniskirt and heels. :)

      • KeLynn

        I’m pretty sure she wasn’t saying that she judges people for wearing sweatpants to the GYM.

    • Marissa

      First off, I am an Uggs convert, too. I originally hated them and got over it once I battled Chicago streets in the winter and realized their convenience. Secondly, Uggs have been around since the 70s, long before they became a trend among sorority girls. They’re a lasting trend, so just accept it. Next, Uggs protect my real favorite shoes from salt and snow. They’ve increased the life of my work boots significantly. Finally, there are no other winter shoes that are as equally comfortable and warm. There just aren’t.

      Suck it, Wright. Uggs Rule 4 Eva.

    • Rebecca

      Uggs are ridiculously, deliciously comfortable. They feel like cloud hugs.

    • Alicia

      I live and walk to work in Minneapolis, MN. My feet have frozen solid in every boot I’ve attempted to wear except Uggs…wait- there are those Duck Boots I wear snow shoeing… but I’m guessing you would find those twice as ugly. Bottom line is, at -10 degrees, in a foot of snow, I am sticking with what works. Uggs… wonderful because they’re supposed to be ugly, I don’t want to wear socks in the winter, and all the shoes I wear indoors are still ridiculously adorable. :)

    • Jane

      110% agree. Uggs are awful and no one should wear them.

      They may be warm and comfortable, but they offer no support for your foot and they’re not even waterproof! Anyone who has done serious winter walking should know that you need something waterproof, even in cities.

      And they are ugly and look like slippers.

      Though, this article would have been more productive with suggestions for other options.

      • Lindsay Cross

        They have a whole gallery of other options on the homepage right now. Just a heads up.

      • Mark

        Uggs Were Originally Designed In Australia. They Are NOT Snow Boots. Think About It. Think “Sheep Farmers” And “Surfers.” How Did You People Get “Snow” Out Of THAT?

    • Jim Dubois

      Its not about fashion
      For the UGGs buyer, its about casual comfort and having feet that are toasty warm

      All you fashion snobs can have freezing toes while trying to look hip

    • Lisa

      I love how personally offended everyone is by this.
      “I have to chase after children and I can’t wear $578490573 Louboutins like you snotty fashion bloggers!!!!!!!” I highly doubt anyone would suggest you wear heels to chase 30 children around a playground, even Carrie Bradshaw wouldn’t do that– and that girl can run in heels like it’s no one’s business.
      “I am not a sorostitute!”
      “I bought them for ENTIRELY practical reasons, how dare you say otherwise?!?”

      I’m a dedicated gloss reader, but my friend sent me this with the tagline “Forget the article, the heated comment war is the star of the show here.”
      If you’re THAT passionate about defending your winter footwear to a blogger, especially going so far as to point out that you are somehow better than someone whose job it is (by the way) to blog about fashion, you are insecure. About a hell of a lot more than just your footwear.

      • Abbey

        I too find it hilarious how personally offended people are getting. The author did not name “you” specifically, and also probably doesn’t care if you agree or not.

        I’ve got two suggestions for all of you. Get yourself a pair of SmartWool hiking socks (or the like), and check out the ever affordable and fantastic quality of LLBean. Your feet will never be happier and neither will your wallet. Although I can’t guarantee you’ll be considered a fashion icon in snow boots any time soon, traversing the sidewalks in the bitter cold of the snowy northeast (or wherever you are) will never be the same.

        And yes I once owned a pair of Uggs when I was in college.

      • Fabel

        “I have to chase after children and I can’t wear $578490573 Louboutins like you snotty fashion bloggers!!!!!!!” Right?? It’s like they think designer stilettos are the ONLY OPTION besides Uggs. Sweatpants & Uggs. Miniskirts and strappy heels. Nothing in between!

      • Francesca L. Cimino

        there is indeed a lot of unnecessary hostility going on in these comments, but it is still insulting and one-dimensional to assume that all women who have uggs are unoriginal and can’t think for themselves. the comment box is here precisely so readers can give feedback, whether it’s positive or negative; if the blogger’s allowed to be passionate in her article, why can’t we be in our responses?

    • Ponypal

      This was hysterically funny, thank you so much! Now my daughter knows I’m not just a crazy old bat complaining about the lemmings. Now, will you please go after those freaking NorthFace jackets? If I see one more person wearing them, usually with the Uggs, so help me! How sinister is this–that hideous logo is located off center so the wearer’s hair doesn’t cover it up. “Hello, I am a walking free advertisment for North Face.”
      And thanks for Ms. Badger for the wonderful word, “sorrostitutes.”

    • Steph

      People are hilarious. There is no reason to get upset over SHOES.

    • Janet

      Who cares what kind of shoes people wear. You should dress for you, and if you don’t feel like wearing something nice that day, then so be it.

    • Lisa

      Personally, I own Uggs because of the comfort/warmth factor. Living in the midwest and with walking as my main form of transportation, they have been amazing. I’ve tried many brands and styles of winter boots, and all the thick wooly winter socks I can find, but nothing beats the combo of Ugg boots with SmartWool socks. (Yes, I wear socks with them, probably about 95% of the time.) I’m going into my 5th winter with my boots, in which I replaced the insoles twice. Although, I didn’t buy the flimsy ‘classic’ Uggs – with my high arches the classics are useless. I got the slightly more expensive ‘ultimate’ Uggs that have a thicker & sturdier sole with more traction and way better support. I can actually walk in slush or snow without my boots looking disgusting or my feet getting wet. Some think the thicker sole looks clunkier, but really, in either style you’re going to have sasquatch feet – so you may as well have sasquatch feet that are warm and well-supported. And honestly, when I wear them over skinny jeans or with a sweaterdress and leggings, I don’t think they look *that* bad – no, I wouldn’t wear them out to a club, on a date, or for a job interview, but for everyday they are just fine. I have always felt that fashion is subject to its surroundings – e.g. what’s fashionable in Miami is not fashionable in Seattle, for obvious reasons. So no, my statement is not “I’m so unoriginal that I needed to drop 200 bucks on boots to impress people!” – it’s “The cheap boots don’t do diddly-squat, and the Uggs make my feet warm and toasty. If you don’t like them, don’t worry about it, because they are on my feet, not yours.” Word.

    • http://facebook.com/fcxfc Francesca

      i used to not get what the big deal was about uggs either, but after being disappointed with countless other brands of winter boots i realized that for some uggs are the real deal and worth the price since they last long, so i bought a pair (online, since i was still trying to be frugal) and my feet have never been so comfortable and warm. and yes, they ARE ridiculously warm. does that make me unoriginal because i didn’t learn how to make my own pair of boots? am i now a mindless lemming with these uggs in my possession? how did i even manage to type out this response!? what is english!?!?

      and i’m pretty sure the majority of people with uggs aren’t buying that you can wear them without socks, give me a break. i don’t plan on ever wearing mine without some, eww. i don’t even see how it’s possible to do that when they’re brand new anyway, that fur is so thick that you need something to help slide your foot in more easily.

      emu’s sheepskin boots are said to be water resistant and i’ve heard they’re pretty well made, so i might try out a pair of those as well. they might be less prominent in the u.s. though because they’re harder to find in stores or something, i don’t know.

    • Kathy

      Just say yes ;)

    • Anne

      I don’t like ugg boots either but I also feel like everyone should just relax and let people wear what they are comfortable with, provided it’s appropriate for the situation (formal event, funeral, etc.). And not all boots are equally “warm”. Sure they start out warm when you first step outside, but after 3 hours outside, you can really tell the difference between boots that keep you warm, and boots that freeze themselves and make your toes even colder, despite having thick socks on (I live in Canada, btw). It happens to me too often to have my toes freeze in the winter because of boots that weren’t warm enough. I’m not (yet) enticed by Uggs, but if people say they are warm and comfy, it makes sense why they’re so popular.