Jason Segal Responds To Girl Who Wrote Him A YouTube Song

A few days ago, we posted about Chelsea Gill, the latest in a series of civilians to ask a celebrity out via YouTube. Chelsea directed her video missive at Jason Segal, and she upped the ante a bit in the YouTube proposition genre by writing the “Muppets” star a song.

Well, Segal has proven not only that he isn’t a dick (hi, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) but that he’s going to see Gill’s serenade, and raise her being super awesome. Someone tipped the actor off to the video, and he had this to say about it on Twitter:

My favorite thing, maybe ever. I am in awe. Response on the way –

His tweet included a link to Chelsea’s video. We will be following this story for up-to-the-minute happenings, and will keep you abreast once Segal releases his (hopefully musical) response.

Also, as a side note, take a few minutes to read Segal’s Twitter feed. He might be the nicest person on the internet, and I think he has a lot to teach the rest of us assholes about how to use social media without being a dick, and also about how to appreciate life. Way to kill it in the New Year, Segal.

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    • Lindsey

      Wait–when and why was Joseph Gordon-Levitt a dick? I must know!

      • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

        From what I can gather he basically ignored a request to have coffee from a girl who has cancer, who wanted to meet him after seeing 50/50. It’s possible that he was away filming a movie. It’s also possible that I judged him a bit harshly. But that’s the back story.

      • Rebekah Mae

        lol yeah I have the same question. And now that it’s answered, god I hope that that is not true. I hope he was just away filming and didn’t hear about it.

        He seems so nice and personable on HitRecord. *sigh* I’m really depressed now. lol

        But I always knew I didn’t like Jason Segal just for his looks. Please excuse me while I follow his twitter feed and try to become less of an asshole. lol

      • Lindsey

        Ah, thanks for the clarification. I do have to agree with you a bit. I’d rather hear a polite “no” or some made up excuse than to have a request ignored entirely. It’s one of my pet manner peeves. It’s just so rude!

    • Gweninterrupted

      Joseph Gordon-Levitt is NOT a dick! On the contrary- he is an amazingly kind, generous, encouraging person. Many of us who work with him through his production company HitRECord have been moved by the lengths Joe will go to just to make us feel good about the art we are creating. He is as sincere and sweet as they come. I’m guessing this is in reference to the girl who asked Joe out in a video online. That was a cute thing to do on her part- but I don’t personally know anyone who would feel like it was a good idea to accept a date with a total stranger just because they made a video proposing the idea of it. Joe is acting in about 5 movies coming out soon, he’s running the HitRECord.org website, he’s putting on live shows and hopefully- he already has a personal life to tend to. Please give him a break on this. Also, one has to wonder- what if this were a boy asking a famous actress out online? Wouldn’t we think twice about whether that would be a safe thing for her to engage in? I would- and I feel the same way about Joe. Actors are just humans living their lives like everybody else. We should be respectful of that concept- and maybe not call them dicks when they don’t deserve it. Cheers!

    • Fabel

      Aw, I always liked Jason Segal but his twitter made me possibly fall in love.

    • SegelFan

      Jason Segel is awesome for responding to this. I really hope that he is recognized for his humility, and that this whole thing somehow launches his career to even greater rockstar status.