Poll: What Do You Think Of Justin Bieber’s New Tattoo?

jesus christ justin bieber

Justin Bieber’s new tattoo is surprising! Justin Bieber’s new tattoo is also not surprising at all!

It’s a great big Jesus face. This seems slightly surprising because it’s the kind of tattoo the heroin addicted rockers were always getting in the mid-90′s. It then seems completely unsurpsiing because I think Justin Bieber is hitting the age where he wants to seem really hard core, despite the fact that he is going to look like a 12 year old altar boy forever (it’s the haircut). It’s also the kind of thing that works where a 14 year old girl can see “he’s really badass – he has a tattoo!” and his mother can say, “what’s it of?” and she can reply “”our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

That seems like Justin Bieber’s entire persona right there, honestly.

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    • Cee

      It looks like Jesus is saying “Oh Justin..why do you try so hard?” He has a whole eyeroll thing going on

      • sigh

        Or he’s trying to look up Justin’s shorts at his little boyish tuckus.

    • Ninargh

      I’m not sure if it’s the photo and the whole sun and sand thing, but that tattoo looks fucking terrible! Was it drawn on by with a biro and a needle?

    • seleena
    • Jenny

      He has skinny little legs! I thought that was his arm at first. And I agree that the quality of the work looks just awful in this picture.

    • caroline

      Best poll options ever.

    • nana

      this tattoo is AMAZING all the hatersss shutttt uppppp

      • erin bieber

        you is right hators need to stop u just jelles becouse he look better then you ya need to get a life and stop being bitch if you dont like it y leave a coment on it then my god haters in this world i swer

    • Magda

      All that money and he could pay for a better looking tattoo? I’ve seen ex-cons with better images of Christ on them.

    • nashayla

      wow i really dont think tatoos are cute and justin needs to stop we dont want another M&M

    • Michelle

      This tatoo is awesome plus it looks very nice on justin!!!!