Pick Of The Week: Desert Rose Anything From L’Occitane


In Pick Of The Week, I highlight a nifty fashion and/or beauty item that I’ve discovered in my travels.

The other night, when sharing a cab home from the bar, I searched frantically through my purse for something, anything, to put on my dry, awful, whiskey lips. Where the fuck was my Aquaphor?! It was then my friend Amy offered me a taste of her sweet, sweet desert rose lip balm from L’Occitane, and I was hooked. Part of a “limited edition” line of products, this delightful ointment (and its matching hand cream) were moisturizing without being sticky, and more importantly, smelled really, really, good. Pretty but subtle, like a flower scent for people who hate flower scents, maybe? Anyway, if you’re into lotions that smell like nice things, you might want to pick up one of these items.

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