Is This Photo Too Sexy For A High School Yearbook?

sexy yearbook

When I first saw this I thought “a high school that doesn’t allow people to wear off the shoulder tops in their yearbook photos? Their standards must be very high.” Then I realized that was not the case.

Wow, that wasn’t the case at all! Though frankly, compared to every Courtney Stodden photo, we find this really tame, even demure. Also, we might have lost all perspective on everything, and we blame that on Stodden. The high school editor claims they can’t use it because “We are an award-winning yearbook. We don’t want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional.” A reminder that no one has higher standards for “decent behavior” than 18 year old high school yearbook editors. What do you think? Is this picture too racy?

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    • Jamie Peck

      I might be more comfortable with it if she were not wearing a scarf as a shirt.

      • Karen

        I was just about to say the same thing. Leggings are not pants. Scarves are not shirts. And may I add, crocs are not shoes.

    • Lizzie

      It makes me wonder what this person looked like on a normal school day..

    • Odbery

      I’d say if the outfit breaks the school’s dress code it has no place in the school’s yearbook.

    • windowshopper

      Where are her parents in this all… I have a young daughter and this quite frankly freaks me out and I am not what you would call conservative by any means… It is about the message you are sending about yourself, and if this girl wants to be remembered as the easiest girl in her class in 20 years then by all means this is the photo to use …

    • abbie

      If she’s showing off her post teen pregnancy bod, perhaps that should be memorexed by the HS yearbook.

    • Shae

      …..and I realize I’m letting my homeschooling show, but how does a high school yearbook win AWARDS? Just curious about that.

    • Jack

      let it fly! Years fromm now at the reunion or when they look her up in the yearbook they will say,” Wow what the hell happened to her she used to be hot!! LOL enjoy while it lasts but use it wisely as there are many attractive young women whose beauty killed the soul of the beat.
      Time and age cure most peoples issues of pride.

    • dara

      I think if what she is wearing goes against school dress codes then that is a perfectly good reason to dismiss the picture. Otherwise, no.

    • Lisa

      As a woman who is not very conservative, I find this picture troubling…. are you out there in support of it Serious? It looks like its straight off the cover of a porn movie.. what is wrong with her parents? I dont think it should be anywhere in the yearbook. The school has every right to not allow it and I wonder what her mother is like? Scarey. Thank goodness my son doesnt go to that school.

    • rita

      i do think it is too racy for a HS yearbook… does she want to be remembered as the school skank?

      but i also think the publicity has given this obvious attention wanting young girl the fame and legend she was hoping to get in her school yearbook .. but now the whole world has seen and plenty of creepers are becoming “fans” now

    • motown suz

      Nevermind the clothes or lack thereof, this poor girl’s expression is slightly below average for “dumb blonde.” I hope she has a good friend that will tell her when she has spinach in her teeth. Racy? Not a spark.

    • clover

      Too Sexy? No.

      Too Cheesy. Yes.

    • Mike

      I think that she looks just fine – its not as if you can see her ass or her breasts. A lot better looking than 99% of the girls who went to my high school

      • Val

        Yeah, high school for girls is all about how sexy and alluring you can be for the boys who HAVE to go to school. Your problem is that you couldn’t recognize natural beauty in a 17 or 18 year old fresh faced girl (who wasn’t wearing a pound of make-up) and though I may be 53 now, I’ve turned a few heads in my day so I’m not a bitter person who didn’t get attention, it’s just that I never wanted or appreciated the kind of attention that this girl seeks. Perhaps, you should have gotten to know a few girls in high school and then they would have seemed prettier to you when you got to know them better.

    • Val

      Clearly this girl suffers from some identity issues. She sees herself as just something to look at and doesn’t seem to mind at all if people refer to her as the slut most likely to join the local strip club. I heard her speak and she tries to sound like Marilyn Monroe. She isn’t even out of high school and is trying to be some sex bomb and Momma whole heartedly approves because she feels that her daughter is just trying to express herself and sees it as “art”. Express what??!! Her sexuality?? Her ability to attract male attention? Her ability to compete with other females for male attention? Is THAT what high school is about??? I know that there is a social side to attending high school or any school, but that should take a back seat to academics, sorry. I know that we have slid down a muddy, slimy hole where female fashion is concerned and what is acceptable is “anything goes”, but our last grip on control of that should be the schools where the ADULTS should still be in charge and a dress code should definitely be enforced or 1/2 of the girls and boys would show up looking like they are going to a night club. School, especially high school should be an atmosphere where people can study and learn and not be distracted by girls who are there for the sole purpose of attracting a mate. Let’s put it this way……….would she dress like that if she were home schooled? After all, it’s still HER and she would still want to express HERSELF, no? BTW, mothers like hers who want to be “friends” with their daughters and not mothers who actually guide their daughters into making sound decisions and good judgement calls (Dina Lohan comes to mind) are living vicariously through their daughters and they make me sick.

    • Megan M.

      “Award winning?” What awards are there for yearbooks?