Village Voice Interviews Creator Of ‘Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls’

I assume you’ve seen the video of “Shit White Girls Say…To Black Girls” since it’s been on the internet for, like, two days. But in case you haven’t, here you go:

Hilar, amirite? (And also a good pocket reference if any of the white folk among you are still saying any of those things…you know who you are.) The Village Voice tracked down creator Franchesca Ramsey, who said that she wrote and filmed the video after seeing the millions of offshoots of “Shit Girls Say,” but specifically the “Shit Black Girls Say” response.

I saw the “Shit Black Girls Say” version, and I thought, man, that does not relate to me at all. None of it relates. To me, it was a bunch of black stereotypes — the weave, the neck swerving. I mean, it’s still funny, but it’s not me. When I went home at Christmas, my friends were asking about my hair, the usual fax pas…and I started thinking, if I wear a white girl wig, that could work…and I started writing ideas down, and it happened.

Ramsey posted the video on Wednesday, and on that day alone it got over 1.5 million views. She explained to the Voice that most people get and like her video, but some have still decided that it’s racist (yes, against white people). She also talks about the huge beef that brewed between her and Perez Hilton, who apparently posted the video to his site without embedding it, and cut the credits at the end.

“He said, ‘We will now present you with ‘Shit White Girls Say…to Black Girls,’ as if he’d made it,” Ramsey said.

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    • Eve

      This is cringe-making, but funny. “He’s cute for a black guy.” Who says that? But then yeah, I remember an acquaintance saying (to a black girl) “If I HAD to kiss a black guy, I’d kiss Will Smith.” Yes, I’m sure Will Smith would be flattered.

    • Ash

      I’ve heard just about EVERY one of these things except I don’t let anybody tough my hair but my mom and my stylist

    • Crystal

      As a biracial woman, I’ve had racist comments from all kinds of people.

      I’ve had people touch my hair and say “eww…your hair is ugly. It’s nappy!” This has come from blacks and Hispanics as well as white people. I’ve also heard some white people use the other “N” word in reference to my hair.

      Anyway, I love this video because it is pure comedy. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call to people who make hurtful, ignorant, and racist comments.

    • MR

      Funny. How about what the ‘sisters’ called hippie white guys back in the ’70s? Yeah we’d come down from the Heights and take the G train – was the GG at the time – from Bergen St station into Bed-Stuy. Yeah we weren’t sightseeing in any vernacular sense. When they saw us they’d always say: ‘dirty white boys’. Not sure what that had to do with us wearing our hair long (?) But we were legend for what we brought back with us. Try explaining to the locals these days? I cut my ponytail off over 20 years ago, in case you were wondering Amanda. :)