Did Lady Gaga Get Breast Implants?

Lady Gaga has the L’Uomo Vogue cover, all done up like an androgynous pirate robot. She was shot by Inez and Vinoodh and this is news because there’s a topless shot. But wait!

(Also, there is nipple, so: NSFW)

As much as we really like the portrait below on the right (seriously, she looks great), we couldn’t help but think, “Something’s different.” Maybe it’s the angle, maybe it’s photo-editing, but the singer’s breasts are pretty well-documented and they haven’t historically looked like this:

Of course, the idea of Gaga having her breasts done is only strange if she’s somehow convinced us she’s quantifiably different from any other pop star. Even her hero Marina Abramovic went under the knife in the ’90s. So… maybe having fake tits is the new avant-garde.

(via HuffPost Style)

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    • Anonomouys

      Lady gaga does NOT have implants!!!! She is a natural woman! That’s why she wrote born this way!!!!

      • Mic

        Of course she’s a natural woman. A natural woman with a nose job. And dyed hair. Natural as freshly fallen snow, that one.

    • Cranberry

      Geeez… I think it’s just a trick of light, photoshop, maybe some make up/shading tricks. Perhaps the fact that her back is arched a bit. Seems like she would have been out of commission for a bit if she had implants done but she’s really busy with Born This Way promo, especially around the time these photos were actually taken, which was a couple months ago before the You and I video came out. They don’t really look any bigger, they just look rounder. Compare these shots to the shots taken with Tony Bennet in Vanity Fair, which I’m pretty sure came afterwards, they’re still fairly small and those nude shots didn’t raise the same “implants?!” questions…

    • Caroline

      Looks like breast implants to me. Gaga’s breast were flat and saggy.

    • V. Venus

      I’d say it’s a trick of light + some good photoshopping. I’m pretty sure the metal thing she’s got in her face is a real and new cyborg-robotic implant though, I’ve never seen her with that before.

    • likeduh

      photoshop. enough said.

    • Joe Mahma

      Who cares? She’s hideous.

    • Gagaloo

      I’m sorry, but at this point she’s had so much surgery on her face, does it even really matter? Of course she’s had breast implants. Her whole ‘different’ shtick might rely on her not being very attractive, but Goddamn if she isn’t going to do the best she can.

    • Daria

      I dunno, I am airing on the side of it just being a good angle. Being small chested myself, and having done some nude modeling/photography, there are angles (this being one of them) that can transform cup sizes. Or photoshop, who knows……

    • jessy

      i guess she did!

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