Retro Snap: Do You Recognize This Handsome Young Man?

william shatner young

He’s still on television…

Though frankly, his looks haven’t really held up all that well. It’s William Shatner.  That said, he still plays really dynamic characters and generally seems like a super-cool guy. Also, let’s never get old, ever. And let’s start having all our pictures taken in black and white, forever. For reference, here is what William Shatner looks like these days.

william shatner television

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    • Emily

      Did you miss the fact that he’s 80?

      I only hope I’m as healthy, active, and yes, sexy in 50 years.

    • porkchop

      SHATNER! This is the only retro-snap I’ve ever recognized! Also, he is a great role model for being old. Am I going to have 10% of his hang-out-ability when I’m 80? I hope so.

    • Beauty Lover

      He is in his 80′s I do not believe . I thought he was in his 50′s . I have to start eating healthy.

    • Emma Rodas

      The one and only, dynamic and yes still handsome William Shatner.
      He has been my favorite actor since I was 10 years old. I’m now 55!

    • murt

      Shatner was so hot back in the day — I just found this pic — pure sex:

    • Denise Dion

      Though frankly, his looks haven’t really held up all that well.

      Are you kidding me..Mr. Shatner is still sexy at 80. Have you seen people at 80…………..??? He still has his teeth for pete’s sake.